11 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: Interrupted Sleep

Week 6, AMI and I were sleep deprived. But our daughter’s heartfelt laughter and son’s pensive beautiful eyes fuel our energy 


what are you doing T? You’re tickling me. And she laughs uncontrollably


By the end of the week I was feeling the fatigue.

I remember Sunday night we went to bed late.

Then AOI woke up in the middle of the Monday night asking for me. We brought her in our bed and after awhile AMI took her into her room but she wanted him to sit in the chair near the door. He was tired tired so in the end she came to sleep in our bed. At some point in the night we were four on our bed, tiny little Mr T., no more tiny AOI, hairy daddy and sweaty mummy – breastfeeding is really a workout.

AMI went to a meeting again. AOI was wonderful and Mr T. slept very well. After snack I read to AOI and she fell asleep as I cuddled her in my bed. In the afternoon she was happy playing with her plastic farm animals, reading books and just being a jolly little girl.

Tuesday night we couldn't sleep until about 2am. AOI woke up at about 12:50am screaming for daddy. once he got into her room he told her happy stories about Elefante going to the beach. He turned on the wall light in the corridor to help her go back to sleep.

AMI read some chapter of the childhood book Caring for Your Child, we are doing fine regarding bringing up a toddler. We respond to her emotional needs, her nutrition is good and social skills are all round good.

To the joy of AMI they didn't go the French Playgroup, instead they went to the swimming pool. AOI slept in the car on their way back home. When she woke up she wanted cuddles from mummy, her red cheeks and sweet self was so cute to resist. She was still tired even when the midwife came to visit Mr T. He's doing great, apart from congested nose, he eats well, sleeps well and his digestive system works fine
I played tickles with AOI. We laughed so much. I love it when we laugh with all our heart.

Wednesday we stayed home and around 11:30am daddy went to do our weekly shopping. AOI didn't want to nap. She was up the whole afternoon. The babysitter came so it was a break for us. Too soon it was time for her to go. I couldn't do much but read blogs because I can't concentrate on my creativity when I'm breastfeeding. However, I read an interesting blog, those kind of blogs that push you to do better because the writer/photographer behind is precocious in her work, life and she writes her heart out, and I love that.

In the evening after AOI fell asleep I went to her room to make sure she was warmly dressed up. I picked her up and cried. My daughter was in my arms but i missed her newborn body, when i was so scared to drop her for how light she was. I'm still scared to drop her but she is a strong girl now. I miss her baby smell, her expressive eyes soaking in the world around her and us without a word tell us what she wanted and needed. I miss those moments but I also cherish the stage she’s in right now because I relive my toddlerhood thanks to her wild imagination.

Mr T. is growing fast, compared to few weeks ago his tiny fingers are getting chubby, not as chubby as other babies but I can tell the difference.

Thursday was another difficult night. Around 4:50am, when I finished breastfeeding Mr T., I moved my Canon 6D into my office. As I was going there I prayed my steps don't wake AOI. On my way back to my room she called me "Mummy?" She quickly sat on her bed, eyes wide open. For a moment I froze in the hallway, hoping she goes back to bed. But I didn't it working so went to her room. She was in a good mood. She came into our bed and started to jump. Mr T. wanted to feed more. In the end AMI managed to take AOI back to her room and tell her stories until she fell back to sleep around 5:15am. I finished feeding Mr T. and fell asleep ten minutes later. We all woke up at 8:45, a very long lie in. AOI walked into our room by herself.

Our schedule was shifted due to the late wake up. AMI did take AOI to playgroup.

AOI refused to take a nap. She needs to go playgroups to tire herself out. For this purpose I can't wait for the summer to return. Though she didn't have a nap she was such a great toddler, she played alone with her toys and didn't have any tantrum, that's the reason I told AMI that he should focus on the positive even when our toddler doesn't have a nap. If I was alone in this I wouldn't like nap-less afternoons, because I would be so tired and I couldn't have 30minutes just to recharge myself.

Today Mr T. had a nice sleeping pattern, he was up most of the morning, feeding and cuddles. He went to sleep around 12:10pm when we left the house to go to the bank. He was still sleeping when we got back around 1:45pm. He woke up around 4:00pm. He fed and changed, he was awake until about 6:30. I fed him again around that time and he was sleeping again by 7:00pm. I did laundry and watched one and half episodes of Gossip girl.

gossip girl

Writing both for my blog and off blog is a daunting task, I believe I'll get some routine going. I tried to write around 8:20pm but it didn't work. In fact, this week I realized that since becoming a mother of two and not sleeping throughout the nigh, my mind is clear and productive around ten when Mr T. Is having his morning nap and daddy and AOI are at playgroup.


My old school mates were back in my old house in Italy, teasing and threatening to harm me – I woke up from that dream to the cries of AOI. Daddy was already there trying to comfort her but she didn't want to know it. She was crying for me. I went there and tried to comfort her. She stopped crying but I wanted her to sleep too so I sat on her bed and pretended I was falling asleep.

We went to our room for a little. She was wide awake and asked me to go downstairs, I told her it was too early. AMI took her back to her room and managed to let her sleep but not for long. By 2:05am, when I checked my watch on the photo, we were all near to dreamland. I woke up, again, at about 5:40am to feed Mr T., we fell asleep and woke up at 7:20am circa.
Saturday I woke up at 3:30am to Mr T.' cries. I brought him into our bed to feed. I then changed and fed him again until 4:50am. I slept until AOI woke up at 7:00am, she walked into our room.

I was tired so I was glad to have a lie in while AMI took AOI downstairs to prepare her breakfast.
We were invited at a friend's house for her daughter's second birthday party. Towards the end AOI was getting her toddler antics out by climbing the toddler table and sitting on legs of the chair. She was starting to embarrass me by ignoring my and daddy's recalls. We stayed until six. We like this young family and it would be nice to do activities together.

It was AMI's birthday. After AOI went to bed and Mr T. was sleeping we took time to chill in bed. I wrote the letter to AMI while he checked his emails. He was about to sleep when I gave him his gift, nothing much just a secret box with a letter in it. In this letter I promised him my heart renewed and filled with love. I promised him to give him at least one year of renewed heart. We kissed and I smelled his familiar smell I loved long ago and still love. I felt love and affection towards him. We promised each other an everlasting young love.

We fell asleep somewhere around 11pm

Sunday, 3:43am AMI picks Mr T. from the cot. I wake up and ask to feed him because milk is ready. I hear AOI shuffle in her bed in the next room, after a minute or so she walks into our room, Elefante tucked under her armpit. I check the time, 3:45am. Between changing Mr T., taking AOI back to bed twice and feeding Mr T. multiple times, we both fall back to sleep around 5:40am. I sleep until AOI walks into our bedroom. She wants a cuddle, I cuddle her and when I check the time it's 7:23am.

We went to church and as always we were a celebrity. D. said I looked tired. I guess I really had too many interrupted sleep.

But during the week we also enjoyed


a bowl of fresh frutta


easy homemade bruschetta


soup of verdure


bread and nutella for a yummy breakfast


salted mais snack


a toddler and her Elefante in a cestino

aoi midwife

AOI, the midwife, checking Mr T.’s heart beat


the view in the living room when daddy decided to tidy AOI’s libri with her help.

Then we start all over from square one each week. I truly love my family



This week we spent 140$, 35$ extra on our food shopping. We went to the bank to close some accounts – frugal living is in motion constantly on my husband's mind. To stop from paying too much service charges he thinks ING online banking is the bank for us, he is doing all the research. One evening I went to bed around ten and after AMI finished updating things on his laptop we talked about life, house, pension and our children's future. We revised the people in our family and based on their current situation who will be suitable as guardian to our children. I say, frugal living is giving us lot of activities and conversations.

How was your week?

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  1. These are just so cute! AOI with her brother is just so precious it makes me smile!

  2. Aahhh the sleep deprived life of parents!! I'm tired just reading about it. : )

    1. Lol, I know it's kind of boring. We had it so easy with one child with two children they make the best orchestra, one starts the other stops then the other stops and the other starts :).

      We wouldn't be real parents without a little of lack of sleep thrown in our everyday life :)

  3. Oh my goodness I was wondering how your darling daughter would do sleep wise with a new baby in the house. My best friend has a 2 year old and is due in May and she's terrified of how sleeping will go. But just as I told her I'll tell you "this too shall pass" eventually she will sleep through the night and so will Mr T. I adore all the photos <3

    1. I think is quite fun to see the thoughts on the sleepless nights and the thoughts on the sleep through nights :)

  4. I love the honesty about motherhood and all it has to offer in this post...one day you will look at all of this and just marvel!!! The pictures are beautiful! I love the brotherly sisterly love!!

    1. It's nice to purge our thoughts out for the day when we will miss those sleepless nights because they children are all grown up

  5. Oh girl... the sleep thing is what I'm most terrified about. We've had it pretty good with Cruze and I'm hoping he can stay on track when baby boy #2 comes sometime in the next two weeks (?!?!?!??!) I keep trying to tell myself to rest but it's so hard.

    Both of you babes are just gorgeous. Thanks for sharing the real parts of motherhood for all of us to read.

    1. thank you for reading. This week we're getting back into a good sleep pattern again. I hope sleep is good with Cruze is still good when baby #2 comes.

  6. Awwww, that first pic of the kids is the best. You totally have to frame that it. I love seeing such great pics on your blog these days, make me so happy.

    1. thank you, nice to read that my pictures make you smile


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