3 Feb 2014

Our Everyday Life: What A Week

mummy and T

Week 5 I took few photos on my Canon 6D, or better they were of my sleeping children. For this reason I thought I should set myself an everyday life photo project challenge this month to be a little more creative – okay, I'm doing a daily photo project with my iPhone on instagram but I also want to better my photography skills with my Canon 6D, so hopefully this challenge will improve that.

This week I noticed that most of my journal entries are mainly dedicated to my children daily activities, nothing about my thoughts anymore. But then again my children are in my thoughts constantly because they’re my everything.

Monday morning AMI went to work for a meeting. I fed Mr T. he managed to latch normally again – he wasn't latching well the previous week – he went for a nap around 11am. AOI was such adorable little toddler, she played and wanted me to read Stella, the children’s book by Marie-Louise Gay, to her again and again, which I was more than happy to do. So as Mr T. slept we lied in my bed to read. Mr T. slept belly down until 3:00pm and then he had another feed, he stayed up in the afternoon, and wanted cuddles – I love giving cuddles to him. He had a feed and then went to sleep at 7pm for a couple of hours. He went to bed for the night at around 11pm.

AOI’s good behaviour made me wonder if her toddler tantrums are worse only when daddy is home. She is such a doll with me, she listens to me and she is smiley nearly all the time – apart from when she looks at me as if she’s a teenager who knows everything and wants to challenge my position.

Tuesday, I was tired the whole day but I struggled through successfully even with non stop breastfeeding until I fell asleep as I was feeding Mr T. around midnight. I was worried he going to want to feed the whole night but he did sleep and I had some rest.

This week as a new usual, AMI took AOI to playgroups and that gave me chance to have a shower – I shower nearly everyday – and edit a story which I want to send to a literary magazine.
In the afternoon AOI was good, only towards the evening her tantrums began again. To calm her down daddy suggested they make a cake after dinner. Her happy self returned.
I was bad to myself, I had too much cake before bed. I'm trying to be careful with what I eat because I don't want to put on extra weight like I did after I gave birth to AOI – I was back into my pre-pregnancy soon after but increased my size due to bad eating habits.

Also this week AOI tried her first prosthetic hand. I was feeling a little bit emotional about the whole thing. She just wore it without hesitation, she only asked “What is this?” My heart hurt when I heard that question. She is so understanding but the idea that one day she will really understand that her digits are missing make my knees weak. I know she will be perfectly alright, because she can do everything with both hands but my mother bear heart just tightens at the thought that her innocent view of the world will vanish at some point as she gets older. That just hurt. 

Towards the weekend I was happy again. I felt confident in my body, I danced, I smiled, I was playful with AMI – our observant daughter, who like to see mummy and daddy show affection, was very happy. I did the bedtime routine and I was happy to do so.

Sunday AOI woke up tired. She was so tired she requested to go back to bed at 7:00am. AMI believes she didn’t sleep well because she was cold. She wanted to go to bed and kept repeating "I'm sleepy." She wasn't a happy toddler, she wanted to watch her favourite cartoons: Blues Clues, Babar The Elephant and Kipper. We allowed her to take a day off and chill in front of the iPad. She was so happy she was more than happy to go for a walk in her pram. She slept for one and half hours and those hours helped her mood for the afternoon. Mr T. had a good afternoon nap after a good feed – milk was dribbling down his cheek.

We didn't go to church, and for the first time my husband decided we should watch Super Bowl, I was gasping at all the new shows and films we don't watch because we don't have a TV. I'm glad we don't have a TV and I can choose when to watch a show without my child because I can imagine how many wrong vocabulary she would learn being a sponge as she is.

She practised her skating balance in the house – we called it house skating. She is doing well and she seems not scared to balance without help. It was great fun to watch her walk on her skates from the living room to the kitchen.

I took over bedtime routine again, she was crying and Mr T. was soundly asleep so I thought it fit to give AMI a break from the routine, because he was so helpful today to our family routine. As much as I complain to him, he is a great helpful father and husband.

week 5

As always I tried to be less long winded but I end up doing it again.



This week we finished the food we bought last week, we didn’t waste anything. We created more recipes and I’m enjoying the this frugal challenge. I will like to share some of the recipes in future posts


  1. Dominic amps up his tantrums and in my face-ness more when other people are around too (like if we are with my parents or one of my grown up friends are over), but when it's just me and him he's usually very calm and child. Not to say he doesn't have tantrums or sasses me alone- he does, it's just not over the top. Just a toddler and their mama thing- I do believe.

    "This week I noticed that most of my journal entries are mainly dedicated to my children daily activities, nothing about my thoughts anymore. But then again my children are in my thoughts constantly because they’re my everything." <---- I feel this way too. I read my blog sometimes and feel like such a "mom" blogger-- but when I'm not at work he's just about always with me and I live for him.

  2. Kids are so funny...she could act up when daddy is around...daddy's girl!! That question of what is this? Totally melted my heart because in many ways there is nothing wrong with her hand and for her to ask that question is such a powerful reflection of that...such a smart insightful little lady!! And Mr. T too cute!!

  3. Lovely post. I rarely comment but I read your blog every time it pops up in my feed and I like how you just share your daily lives. It sounds like your family of four is doing very well. :-)


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