15 Mar 2014

Mr T.: My Miracle Baby {The Birth Story}

January 13th, the last pregnant belly picture.

week 38 and 5 days

14th of January we decided to take the day off as family of three. I was thinking that maybe that could be our last day as family of three, AMI wasn’t thinking much about it.

We had a lie in, woke up around 9am, had lovely pancakes for breakfast and after AMI interviewing potential candidates for some positions he has advertised we went to the swimming pool. We stayed about 50 minutes. We had to drop off out Christmas tree to the dump so we did that. Then we ordered a take a way pizza from our favourite bakery shop, we had salamino. And we also bought focaccia. After lunch I went to lie down with AOI for her nap. She had a late nap, around 3pm and woke up around 4.45pm. In the evening, after we’ve finished with the house chores, I began typing a letter for my first born, sharing my thought on her last days as only child. AMI began to watch the current BBC series of Sherlock Holmes. It was guaranteed that I was going to fall asleep few minutes into the show. So I was lying there when I suddenly felt pop, soon I was in a little puddle of water on my side of the bed. AMI got off the bed and rushed into the bathroom to bring back a bucket for me.

“Really, a bucket? Just bring a towel.” So he brought a towel and a bucket. That was around 10:30pm. But nothing happened soon afterwards. We phone D. our midwife and told her what was happening. She told us to phone her if anything begins to happen during the night, but if nothing happens to just go see her as we’ve scheduled. She would have given me a concoction to help kick-start real labour. One hour later I started to have mild contractions. Initially it was about 10-17 minutes apart. It was a very irregular contractions.

Around 12:30am AOI woke up, she asked for my cuddles. I gave them to her even through contractions, she fell asleep on our bed and AMI took her to her bed. By now AMI was sleeping and I was going through some contractions alone.

I woke AMI up around 2:30am, and he monitored me. He decided that he wasn’t going to phone our midwife until contraction was about ever 5 minutes. As soon as he said that, boom contractions began to be about every 5 minutes lasting for circa 1 minute. AMI phoned D. around 3am. She got to our house with the second midwife, T., at circa 3:50am. birthing tools

I was in bed at that point. She checked me and they told me that the baby was very low and pressing against the cervix, but I was only 5cm dilated. After the check, each contraction that followed I felt the urge to push. I used the stairs to rock myself to give room to the baby. I did squats and did some push up on the stairs.

AMI began to prepared the tub and the hot water. Four pans of water were boiling straight away. I wanted to go into the tub so badly, I felt like shouting or punch everyone present to get the water ready quickly. I believe B. one of the ladies that offered to come assist the two midwives came at this point. The lights in the living were turned off. They left on the lights in the kitchen. Each following contraction I let my body relax further. T. was wiping my face with cold wipes because I was sweating so much from the heat of the water. At intervals B. gave gatorade to drink. When I went into the water my body relaxed, I went into the zone. 

T birth story 4

AMI observes that from then on at contraction I looked relaxed as if I was almost sleeping. AMI remembers that I breath through most of them, but at some point I started to push through the contractions. He doesn’t think I did more than ten contractions with pushes.

AMI saw baby boy’s head four or five contractions into the pushing contractions.

My main thought throughout the labour was Am I going to be able to finish everything before AOI wakes up? I held tightly to the tub handles and prayed to God to let baby boy come before AOI wakes up. AMI said he thought we were in good shape with time, because everything was happening around 5am.

Then I felt the baby wiggling about and I was shocked so I asked the second midwife “T. is that you?” She shook her head and with a smile said “No, it’s your baby.”

Just like 27 months earlier D. told me that during the last stages she wanted me to breathe more so that she can catch my baby for me. After that I had another contraction and with three pushes baby’s head was out and then, like a cornmeal in okra soup down the throat, the rest of the body was out.

She caught our baby at 6:29am and swum him under the water to me.


I proudly took in my arms my wide eyes baby boy. My daughter was still sleeping in her bed. I looked at my little boy’s big brown eyes and I thought Good boy, you’ve been listening to my prayers.

AOI woke up as the midwife was clearing the table and packing the tools she used to stitch me up. We were so glad she avoided all the noise that may have scared her and upset me. I was grateful for God’s looking after us and helping deliver my sweet boy during the night so that I didn’t have to disturb anybody. My boy is a miracle boy.

We savour our baby boy, my beauty, my miracle baby, my dear son Mr T. {TOI}. 

birth story


Happy 2nd month in our lives my darling sweet son!


  1. Aw, this is so lovely! Beautiful photos and such a beautiful family you have! Thank you for sharing this true miracle! xxx

  2. What a beautiful birth story and the pics of the whole event are just amazing. You are such a brave woman. Happy 2nd month on earth baby T, good job you came at night like your mommy said :)

  3. what a beautiful story! and what a sweet blessing that God had all the timing under control!

  4. Thank you for sharing your story. It is such an encouragement how God answered your prayers. He is good like that!

  5. So beautiful! Such a beautiful story and lovely photos. Thank you for sharing. So wonderful he listened and came just when he was supposed to!

  6. The pictures of all four of your is so sweet!!

  7. A miracle indeed - so sweet! And I love that you and your love have matching bracelets! Thanks for sharing your story!

  8. Beautiful story! My son was born at night as well. I'm so glad that she slept through it all, and her little brother was there to greet her in the morning. God hears all prayers, and knew what you were worried about. You have a lovely and beautiful family!

  9. Wow! It seems everything went fast. Glad everything went so well.


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