7 Mar 2014

Mr T.: Week 7

Mr T and mummy week 7

Thought I'd Died and Gone to Heaven by Bryan Adams on Grooveshark

Dear lovely sweet T.,

Your smile lights our hearts. We all laugh when you smile and coo. Sometimes it feels like I died and gone to heaven, thus one of my favourite song by Bryan Adams – one of my favourite songwriters. I cry just thinking about my blessings, who would I be now if you and your sister didn’t choose me as your mother. I love you from the earth to the universe. I’m always proud to have you and your sister in my life.

mother and children

The other day I found you in your sucking your thump. You looked so adorable I took a picture but I don’t want you to get used to doing so because it can be a hard habit to break.

Yesterday we went to your last midwife’s appointment. Now you weigh 10lbs 06oz, and tall 58cm. I’m glad because it means you’re growing beautifully. 

Mr T. 49 days

You love your latte, if you had your way you would be on my breast the whole day drinking or just using it as a soother. I’m thinking about buying you a dummy, but I haven’t had the chance to do so.

As I write this you’re attached to the breast, your sweet head moves back and forth as you sooth yourself, while your breath softly brushes my skin. Your little fist is resting on the breast, I melt, I melt, I just melt when I look at you and I want to curl you back into my womb. I wonder how you will fit in my belly now. I have a little glimpse when I feed you in the night and we both fall asleep, you tucked into my belly.

You’re so cute, my throat tightens every time I look at you. I want to eat you, you’re so yummy. I’m resisting because I know you are going to be more yummy as you grow. I love you so much. So so much.

Yum! I just ate you…

motherly love

No, no I couldn’t eat you. I just inhaled your baby smell – baby milk. Your cheek round and tender are made for trillion kisses. You fill my heart to the brim with love, pure LOVE!

You’re my littlest dude.

All mummy’s love.



  1. Oh my such sweetness! Milky baby cheeks are the best for loads of kisses!

  2. He is so cute and absolutely perfect! In some pictures he reminds me so much of Dominic and I get nostalgic for his baby days.

    1. I'm already getting nostalgic for the first few days, they really grow too fast :(.

  3. He's getting cuter and cuter!!!

  4. Such a sweet message for your sweet boy!

  5. I can feel the love ooze out of this post! He is just getting more handsome everyday.

    1. I'm glad you can feel what I was feeling in the moment. Thank you :)


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