27 Mar 2014

Musings: Bumps Babies and Toddlers

Hello everyone, life is gets hectic when there are people visiting. Today my mum flew to Toronto. She is going to stay there for couple of days until she goes back to New Jersey on Saturday.

Well, due to the photographic mood I’ve been in lately, I’ve decided to try something new on INSTAGRAM.

As many of you know together with my friend Erica, @ To The Sea we, started the Blogger Baby Boom because there we so many pregnant blogger women around us – we were two of them, Erica still has couple months to go. For a while the link up is not picking up so I came up with another idea which we hope it is here to stay.

Today I started @bumpsbabiesandtoddlers with Erica.


This is a new platform created to showcase beautiful photos of pregnant bumps, babies and toddlers. It’s a way to inspire each other to take gorgeous pictures. We’ll feature the photos that makes us go awwwww, cooooo and gaaaaa twice a week. It’s still in its infancy but I know with your help it can pick up and blossom. Feel free to stop by and start tagging #bumpsbabiesandtoddlers for the chance to be featured.

Hope to see you there Smile


  1. I'll be sure to check it out on Instagram. I love the photos <3

  2. As you know, I'm in! (Behind on blog reading but I saw it on IG!) :-)


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