14 Mar 2014

Musings: On Photography

Photography is one my passions. I’m so happy to embrace it over here, on my little blog. I feel like I’ve found the me I was missing. Also, writing these musings is helping me find my voice in this big ocean.



I first fell in love with photography at the age of thirteen, when I started working at a photo-optician shop in my little town in Italy. My initial task was to develop the photos. I used to get so excited each time I achieved the right exposure, gamma bright, hue, contrast and saturation for each pellicola {film}. Some costumers loved they way I took my time to help their photography stand out. I, on the other hand, just enjoyed all the process from film to paper photo. I wasn’t so keen in preparing the chemical solutions, the acid was foul up my nose.

However, working there was beneficial for my love for photography. Every week I would print at least three films of my own photos. Summer 1995 was the summer in photo for me. My sister was in town and finally we could explore our passion for photography. I took some cool captures of her and she did the same of me. I thought she was more natural in from of the camera than I was. I preferred taking the pictures but to boost my confidence I always stepped in front of the camera too. We used my mother’s camera, but by the following year I had enough money to purchase my own. I was the youngest girl to have my own camera. People asked me take photographs for them. I once photographed my uncle’s wedding and I felt so proud of myself. But though I was in love photography I’ve never thought much about it until recently. But my passion was taking photos of the children I babysat occasionally. I loved photography so much I wanted to become a model at some point in my life {that will be another entry}, that sparked my passion for self portraiture.

My passion for photography never tied, but the little realistic side of me made me choose optician as my career path – so I studied optics because art was never going to take me anyway, reason said. I never thought much about photography as something more than only passion until the end of last year. I want to get better with my photography. I want my eyes to see over the ordinary and capture the beauty in everything. I’m getting so much inspiration all around me. Many of the photos on the blog are taken with canon6D, but on IG I capture with my iPhone. The restriction with my iPhone is what make my photographic mind explore even more. My eyes push themselves to be more creative.

On my vision board there is a phrase that keeps popping into my head CAPTURE THE TIME TO SHINE IN EVERYTHING. I envisaged more photography and writing in my year and three months into 2014 and I feel like I’m slowly putting to action every work I have on my vision board.

So, as many of you have already noticed, photography {a long side writing} is taking a big part in this new chapter of my life journey.

I’ve been thinking about how I can give back to the blogsphere community I’m part of and I concluded that maybe photography and writing are the two things I can share with you. So, if you don’t mind I would like to share with you how I take my photo with my iPhone, how I photograph my children and how I photograph our everyday life even when time seems to be on the fast track. What I write about and why.

Questions: What is your passion? When did you find out that passion? How do you keep it alive?

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  1. Such a coincidence TOI as I too have always LOVED photography but up until a few years ago I never considered doing it professionally or semi professionally, and took photos rarely. Like you, I feel like I found a missing part of me that possibly (gulp) may be even more enjoyable for me than writing!! It's true though! I mean I love both ways of expression but the whole 140 character social media thing killed my vocabulary and I hate writing non fiction. For years I wondered why I struggled with blogging, conveying myself properly as compared to having pen and paper in hand, but about a year ago I realised I simply don't enjoy it. Which makes blogging hard ha...but I have my camera!!!


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