5 Mar 2014

My Name Is…

If you follow me on instagram then you know the story of this box.

secret treasure box 

But before I go on, I want to tell you another story.

When someone is no longer a teenager but a married woman with a thick skin she doesn’t get offended easily when she learns the truth. She embraces it and makes it a life lesson. So I didn’t feel bad when one morning during a traffic jam, on my way to the airport after visiting her in Italy, my mother told me “You weren’t plan. When one of your older half sisters found out she told your father that he is too old to have another child. In reply he said you never throw away a gift  from God.”

I looked ahead into the ocean of rear red lights of the cars ahead, to hide my sudden emotional state. My mother, who doesn’t like to talk about her past, that morning found her voice to tell me about the love a father has for her children. That even though my father died when I was about the same age as my daughter and I don’t remember my afternoons spent sitting by his feet as he worked on an article to complain about a current political situation in Ghana, he loved me dearly he chose my name. And finally, after 30 years, I understand why he chose my first two names for me. 

Now I feel the time is ripe to honour that choice and the first way I can do that is by introducing my full name on my blog.

This little blog of mine has being a changing platform for. A platform on which I can leave behind some insecurities and embrace new found confidence. And it seems like every time I want to turn a new chapter in my life, this blog helps me do that. Once I mentioned the reason I chose to changed my blog title from The Baby Plan to Life of TOI

TOI is simply my initials. T is my European name, O is my African name and I is my husband's surname. TOI reflects my evolution in life. From girl, to working wife to housewife to future mummy and all that come inbetween.

I remember how shy I was when I began this journey, I hid behind MsBabyPlan then thanks to the lovely responses from my readers I felt a little comfortable and started to hide behind TOI. It has been my armour for so long, I’m grateful for that protection and for the support of my readers. Now I feel a little bit confident in my in myself, and even though the voice of self doubt is nagging as I type, I’m ready to turn a new chapter and start using my full first name – a name I adore and cherish. A name that is the pillar of my life history.

secret treasure box 0

TOI= Theodora {Gift of God}, Ofosuhima {Queen of Ofosu, a town in Ghana} and I for my husband’s surname but I’m keeping that as initial because I still use my father’s surname due to Italian marriage law. Also in this new chapter of my life I want to honour my father through my career choice. He was passionate about literature; he wrote poems, political essays and sermons for his church. So far I’m his only child who is crazy enough to believe that she has a story to share with the world, a story that might inspire or encourage another person, and I want him by my side.

Before starting this post I didn’t know what to write but words started flooding after the first sentence. I believe that my gift on this earth is to tell a story, sometimes I don’t know how but I know that with Almighty and my father as my main guardian angel – because I have more than one – I will always find the words and images to share with you what He has in store for me and my family. In the same blog entry I wrote nearly three years ago I said: 

This blog is about my journey in life. Not only toward motherhood but a journey to the woman I was born to be. I once wrote that I am complex and one word cannot define me, thus this blog may evolve with time but that's who I am… my blog is all about the Life of TOI as it may come.

Hope you like it too, because apart from making myself happy I want you to be happy too ;)!


I want to thank everyone who has taken interest in following along my journey. Throughout this month you will see few changes on this blog. If you’re interested receiving anteprima {primetime} information about my next big venture please let me know in the comment box and I will contact you.

Thank you again.

peace and love,



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  1. you have a beautiful name, thank you for sharing that with us. blogs are interesting in that they evolve over time, and it's interesting to see how it unfolds. I'm sorry you lost your father so young, he sounds like a wise man and I bet he'd be proud of all the choices you've made and the career path you've chosen. I'm looking forward to seeing how your blog grows and changes :)

  2. Your name is unique, beautiful and timeless, just like you. It was moving to read how much your father meant to you and how you plan to honor his memory. I feel so lucky that I stumbled upon your blog. I've watched you grow from a young wife, longing for a child, to a woman who is a mother of 2 children. Thank you for allowing us to share your journey.

  3. You know I almost asked you once what your first name was (just out of sheer curiosity), but I figured if you wanted us to know in due time you would. :) I LOVED your father's response to your sister, and I love that Theodora means "Gift from God". How very fitting and special.

    I chose Dominic's name because it means "belonging to the Lord" (and it was the only name his dad and I could agree on-lol). My own name doesn't have much meaning behind it other then my mom liked the name, but I always felt a persons name should have meaning and vowed to do that with my own child(ren).

  4. This is beautiful; I'm happy to "meet" you Theodora Ofosuhima!

  5. You are so brave for taking this next step. I still hide behind the persona of my blog. I am looking forward to your changes!

  6. Lovely name! :) Your father sounds like a wonderful man.
    I've been debating using my son's name on the blog, but haven't taken the leap yet. (Although I tag him on IG so it's not technically a big secret. haha)

  7. What a lovely name! I feel blessed to know it and that you shared it with us! As another person who blogs with her initials (MMB)... I love learning more! Can't wait to see what changes are coming!

  8. I love the name and the meaning behind it. Changes are good and I am excited to see what you have in store

  9. Your name is beautiful! I think that it's wonderful that you confident and comfortable in this space to share your full name.

  10. Thanks for sharing! There is power in a name.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing Theodora! I feel so blessed to have met you through this group of photographers on social media. You have a beautiful name, one befitting of a beautiful and strong person who has seen so much.


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