10 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: Easy Like Sunday Morning

Thanks to everyone for commenting on My Name Is… post. On Saturday I had good intentions to respond to your kind comments, organise my blog for the plans I have in store, to read the wonderful blogs with informative topics, to write better and to respond to emails but I lack in all of them. I felt ill every time I sat in front of the laptop. Instead I read books and used my iPhone to comment on IG – you can find me there every few hours, I feel connect with IG than Twitter.

Sunday morning I was exhausted. I couldn’t face going to church, so at 10am, while baby boy was napping and toddler girl was out and about with daddy {AOI riding her bicycle in the university tunnels} , I went back under the covers and took it easy like a Sunday morning

self-portrait under the covers

Easy Like Sunday Morning by Commodores on Grooveshark

In general the week was good. I decided to challenge myself by giving up bread or wheat. Instead for breakfast I had porridge, quick oat and smoothies.

Monday daddy took AOI to the swimming pool after breakfast. Tuesday I took the children to another French Playgroup, sometimes is so tempting to just give up but it’s the easiest escape. Going to playgroup and having AOI learn to take part in an organise activity will be helpful when she goes to preschool in a year's time. Plus she likes languages and she shows interest in French when we are at home.

Wednesday we all went to do the weekly food shopping. I wasn’t in the frugal mood but we still managed to stay within budget.

Also this week AOI did #2 in her potty spontaneously, we were so proud of her – this is parenthood for you. Thursday at playgroup the children were not in the mood for snack. But it was so much fun watching them running wild in the play area. I wish I had my big camera with me.

I really wanted to go to bed at a reasonable time that evening, instead I fell asleep midnight. I was tired for the rest of Friday. In the morning AOI told me stories. She amazing and I’ve said this before, but if I’m not fast she will publish her first book before me.

My writer's group is doing great. We’re an Inc and Saturday we held our annual meeting. Daddy took AOI to cycle in the university tunnels.

AOI loves, I mean really loves veggies. Mr. T is so adorable, he smiles and follow us with his eyes as we move about in the house. And these are some of my favourite moments…

in beauty and chaosa toddler sleeping under a carpet in the beauty and chaos of our home

buildinga toddler helping daddy set up a toy organiser or is she?

sisterly kissa sisterly kiss

story timea toddler storyteller

AOI dancing queenan energetic toddler dancing around the house

baby yawna baby yawns in the meantime

harmonicaa toddler find a treasure in a secret treasure box

smoothietrying a new smoothie recipe from Ohdeardrea’s Thirty Day Cleanse Book with my own adaptation

sleeping baby

after my Sunday morning lie in, I decided to go for a shower before daddy and toddler return home, and left this vision

sleeping siblingsand I came to this vision after a shower, I nearly collapsed for my heart was melting like a volcano


FRUGAL LIVING is going on and this month I’m adding clean eating challenge this month. Tomorrow I’ll show you how my fridge looked like.

How was your week?

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  1. I'm ready to melt like a valcano too! Those pictures of them are so precious! The little one sleeping under the rug made me giggle.
    I am sorry you felt ill on Sunday- I hope you were able to get some sleep. I love all the photos <3

  2. Such perfect shots! I love the naturalness of them all. Try to get some rest, I know it's hard! xx

  3. This is my first time commenting on your blog. I'm a bit shy so I'm happy to see the anonymous button. I'm Ghanaian too, but living in the US since my teens. I love your blog, and just wanted to say you have a really beautiful family.

  4. What a beautiful post. I am loving that you post more pics now :). AOI dancing is just too funny, energetic for sure and that last picture is just priceless, I love that your foot is in the pic like you were there :).

  5. I love your pictures more and more every day! The self portrait is beautiful- and I always adore pictures of your children :)

  6. your day looks so busy and so magical every day. love the pic of little man yawning. too cute!!

  7. They are just too precious! My heart melted when I saw them napping together!

  8. Your children are gorgeous. So beautiful and I love all the sweet pictures of them.


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