25 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: Mummy, Hold Me Tight

Week 12 of 2014 my daughter wanted me to hold her tight and often.AOI and mummy night read

Singing In The Rain by Frank Sinatra on Grooveshark

This week I metaphorically sung in the rain, but before that I allowed sadness to take away my passion for writing and photo taking with my big camera. On Thursday I concluded that I had to force myself to do things because my brother was doing well and he didn't want us to worry because he doesn't see anything to worry about.

Also I realised that when my husband is home I have more time to practice my photography skills. Due to his trip in Australia I spent most of my time looking after the kids and washing the dishes because, when my mum is here and my husband is away for work, I can't pile the dishes in the sink until the evening when the children are sleeping. My mum wanted me to wash the plates soon after dinner, lunch and breakfast. Well, I still stole time to capture pictures on my iPhone and updated my IG feed in the evening when the house was quiet.


Monday late morning I took AOI for a long walk in the hope that she sleeps. We stopped at the playground for few minutes on our way back she wanted to walk in the puddles. She hummed Singing In The Rain {her father was listening with her the previous week}, while stamping in the water. Once home she exclaimed "We went for a lovely walk."  She made me smile. 

Tuesday and Thursday my mum joined me and the kids at the playgroups. In this way she saw what I normally do during the week with my children.

Tuesday French playgroup was another success. AOI is getting interested in the group activities. I'm on two minutes broken French conversation with the other parents. On Friday AOI decided to stay home with granny while I took Mr T. to French yoga for mummy and baby. We I had fun. I'm getting brave with my French. I had a conversation with the receptionist. She spoke in French and I responded in English. She suggested we apply to the French preschool, where AOI will learn the correct French if we want to have a bilingual kid, because French immersion is not as good for that purpose.

One afternoon, during AOI's nap time AMI phoned, Mr. T was sleeping so I went to place him in his cot. After that I tip toed into AOI’s room to show husband his sleeping daughter but she woke up. In her sleepy voice she said “Mummy, hold me tight. Hold me tight.” I placed the phone on the bed and held her tight. That was a moment when the camera was not there to document but even in the business of my everyday life I force in the minutes to capture some of the candid moments precious to my soul.

And this week with Canon6D I loved capturing

granny and siblingsa toddler girl and a baby boy entertaining granny

AOI sleepinga sleeping beauty

bedtime story with mummya mummy reading bedtime story {Goldilocks and the Three Bears} to her children

granny and Ta granny rocking a baby boy in his bouncer and him tenderly placing his fingers on her wrist

AOI and elefantea toddler girl loving and nurturing her Elefante even when granny thinks it stinks

AOI night reada toddler girl teaching granny the secrets of what she calls the iPod

sleeping toddlera toddler girl enjoying her sleep so much half of her body gets out of bed, ready for a walk. {Sunday morning, after feeding my son at 3:30am until 4:30am I worked on my laptop for one hour and went to check my daughter at 5:30am, I found her body half way out of the bed. I quickly went to grab my iPhone and Canon 6D for an early morning shoot. Above are the Canon 6D version of the pictures I've already shared on IG.}

little details of joythe little details after bedtime feed

Mr T early wakea baby boy not minding an obsessed mother photographing her handsome boy at 5am

waky wakya toddler girl and a baby boy not pleased to find the obsessed mother behind the lens capturing her beautiful children at 7:15am


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  1. You document your kids lives so well. Love all the pictures! They are just so cute!

  2. ooh, that b/w picture of you and little T is breathtaking! I love reading your blog!

  3. Thank you so much, this encourages me to keep doing what i love doing


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