18 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: …Must Go On…

Week 11 of 2014, I laughed with my daughter for silly things like a funny invented word “Buddle!” There were times when I could tell she misses our alone time. I miss that too. I took her to playground of Sunday for a moment for ourselves.

Mr T week 11

This week I was obsessed with these toes, I couldn’t resist them and also

At the beginning of the week I heard my husband teaching our daughter another song by Bob Marley. I can’t wait to see her vast taste in music when she grows up. She went through the week singing Buffalo Soldier – so sweet.

Buffalo Soldier by Bob Marley & The Wailers on Grooveshark

Also this week, AOI was excellent at French playgroup, she exulted when I pulled the car in the parallel parking. She listened to me and repeated words in French. She was upset only when she saw one of the ladies holding T. She came to me and said "T, mummy." and indicated the lady out. Though I told her that T. was alright with the woman, she curled her lip and began to cry. I took him back, then another lady tried to hold him but she burst out crying loud. She really loves her little brother, sometimes she says she wants to wait until she is big enough to pick him, she is very carina and protective of him. Such an adorable sister. I love them dearly.

sisterly love“T. takes this ducky.” she placed a yellow rubber ducky next to her little turtle brother

Wednesday we all woke up at around 7am in a good mood. She didn’t have nap that afternoon. Mr T. had a long nap. I cancelled the babysitter until next week. AOI was overtired by dinner time. Bedtime routine was a record fast, she did enjoy her bath time and didn't complain too much when I washed her hair. She didn't even want to read she was sleeping within five minutes after she got dressed for the night.

Thursday we didn't go to playgroup, we spent the day getting the house ready for my mum arrival. she came from USA to keep us company while my husband is away in Brisbane, Australia for a work trip. She was impressed about the house, the fridge and the best toddler entertainer.

Friday while talking to R, my sister in law, my younger brother phoned her and he didn't sound okay. I was scared to think about what was going on 4000 miles away from me. AMI was getting reading for his trip to Australia and AOI wanted to be close to him each fraction of a second. In the meantime I made like 100 phone calls to London. In the end between sadness and guilt I was glad to know that my brother was going to a place that was safe for him in that moment.

Saturday AMI flew to Australia all right. I promised him to switch off from the problem to focus on the children when they're not sleeping. But when they are asleep and the house if quiet the sad doesn’t leave. Sunday while I was spending time with my children, I observed my daughter with her imaginary {green} cookie jumping up and down the bed, my son laid serene smile

jumping girl

I knew that our {beautifully ordinary} life must go on, and must be documented no matter the pain and sadness that crawl on us when one of the family members is ill with an illness that it's hard to accept. The only thing I can do each second of my everyday life is to pray so that God can help my brother understand what’s going on. Life must go on because even in times of turmoil there is happiness

Mr T. superbabythis super boy – who doesn't like a super boy for a son

AOI yogistmy little yogist – down facing dog is one of her favourite yoga poses

AOI and Mr. T taking a break next to her brother

juicingI love smoothies, my husband love juices – this one was a good one, apple, kale, celery and orange

AOI jump aroundjumping on the bed is fun with many things in hands

Mr T. and grannyMr T. bonding time with granny

granny and grandchildrenGranny and grandchildren bonding time – AOI playing see saw on granny’s legs

AOI and Mr. T playa sister who loves to be close to her brother during tummy time – he becomes a turtle for her

Mr T.My super boy with a glimpse of his sister. AOI really likes to be captured near her brother these days. He smiles when he sees her face, she smiles when she sees his smile – and I smile to see them together. Can’t wait to capture that moment

AOI playtimecandid picture of our beautifully ordinary life of having children at home

sibling loveand these two – always bring a smile on my face.


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  1. Lots and lots of photos. Sorry to hear your brother has health issues. It's stressful but you have to stay on top of things for your own family. I've replied to your query on my blog. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  2. Ps. That first photo is adorable. Regards Kathy A, Brisbane, Australia

  3. I'm so sorry to head about your brother, sending prayers.

    I love to read about the developing relationship between AOI and T. She sounds like a great big sister! I love that she is so protective for him.

    Beautiful images!

    1. Thank you for the prayers, he is getting better every day.

      I love watching her protective side with her little brother, he's really a wonderful sister to him {not to forget sometimes she wants mummy's cuddles too, lol}

  4. Awww seriously your pictures are awesome and little man is getting so big! Great to see your mom interacting with her grand kids...so wonderful!

  5. how blessed to have such beautiful & wonderful distractions when all is not perfectly right with the world around you! and what a blessing to have your mom around for a visit!

    1. I'm enjoying having her over here. It's good for both of us to be together during this trying time for my brother.

  6. YAY for granny being around, such beautiful and tender moments. I love having my mom around with the kids, such a blessing.

    I am loving your pictures. Superman of a son what up. You have a beautiful family and I love reading about your adventures.

    1. Thank you for joining in my our everyday simple life updates :)

  7. That last picture is adorable! T looks so happy to be laying in his sister. :-)
    Hope things get better for your brother. :-(


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