3 Mar 2014

Our Everyday Life: So Much Love

Week 9 of 2014 I counted my blessing and I kept counting because I felt so loved and blessed in this life I feel overwhelmed. Our children with their every little being make us whole. 

First day of the week {looking at the working calendar} AMI stayed home and on AOI’s requested we bring her bicycle out from the shed into the house. She can now pedal and steer without our help. I didn’t feel too guilt when I sat down to do what I enjoy doing after my main priorities were sorted. I achieved more by mapping down the things that demand my time and slowly going through them.

Tuesday I took AOI to the French playgroup, AMI went to work all day. As usual AOI didn’t want to nap in the afternoon. In fact when I was trying to convince her to come for cuddles she calmly told me "You sleep, I will sit here {on the floor next to the bed} and play"

Really? When did my toddler daughter turned a tween? At this remark I suggested we go for a walk. I put Mr T. in his oversize winter coat and carried him in a baby carrier. I wrap AOI super warm and put her in her pram. After fifteen minutes getting dressed warm like penguins I pushed the pram out of door. My sweet little toddler fell asleep in 1 minute flat.

a walk in the cold

The same episode happened on  Wednesday too. We didn't go out but play with AOI's toys at home. I love to watch her play. She pretends to be tough and ready to fight with imaginary swords, driving cars, she’s such a cute tom-boy. Then she turned into a kind doctor visiting her little brother, but obviously she had to try to be an optician and try to open his eyes as he slept. He slept through all these make believe games.

Also this week AOI’s best friend C came over for potluck super, we did bruschetta and C didn't eat any. Her mum was frustrated with the fact that C doesn’t eat when they go out for meals with friends. On the other hand we felt bad because we didn’t prepare something that she would love too, we assumed she would like it because it's like a pizza and AOI likes it. Well next time we will get a special request.

Friday Mr T's squeaks woke me up and when I check my time was 5:19am. I calculated six hours straight sleep for T, five and half hours for me. I found him rolled into  a corner of his cot – he is really a rolly polly. AOI woke up one hour later. I would be more than happy to work with these hours. I see a light at the end of this disjointed sleep pattern.

Saturday morning I felt like living in a dream when AOI kissed my forehead when she was about to go downstairs while I carried on sleeping. I wish somebody took a picture of her giving me a tender kiss on my forehead. During morning bath time for AOI, daddy dipped T quickly in the water had a quick dip in the water next to AOI.

Saturday my writers group was cancelled, daddy took AOI to story time at the library but she didn't want to listen to the story because she was scared of the presenter.

Sunday my daughter's sweet voice called me as I was falling back into slumber after feeding T. Every time I pick her in my arms, I wonder if my mother cried when she realized I was growing too fast. We didn’t go to church, it was cold outside. I only adventured out when it was time to take AOI for a walk to help her sleep. I wrapped her up and went for a five minutes walk.

I love my children, my family… I love

daughter and son

when I step to the other side of the camera with my children and I remember the fun moment captured ‘Mummy, can I jump” she asked as she stood on the stool and I laughed as I told her “be careful.”  Her shy smiled appeared just in time for the self timer to go off and I was laughing ready to see my daughter jump. Because really, she makes me laugh when she jumps.

aoi helping daddywhen a toddler asks to help wash the dishes and she remembers everything she allowed to wash and not to wash, little knives and cheese graters 

bicycle time copywhen a toddler cycles in the house with her favourite owl bag on her shoulders and says “I’m going to work.”  

a scarf when I let my daughter wear one of my scarves because it suits her so much

domino game

when a father and a daughter play domino, while a son observes silently


when a toddler pretends drinking juice from her toy saucepan

father and son

when a father embraces his sweet son

blocks copy

when a toddler waits for the go ahead from her father to push down the pyramid he built 

her smile

and when a mother captures that infectious smile even if the shot is blurry loves still reigns.


FRUGAL LIVING FEBRUARY CHALLENGE was successful for us. We might make it a lifestyle habit.

How was your week?

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  1. Your posts are an inspiration. Thanks so much for sharing these moments of joy with your lovely family!

  2. I love that you still find the beauty of everything even with your haze of exhaustion. I think you are infinitely more patient then me in the sleep regard. If Dominic needs a nap (he usually starts to loose it and has tantrums). I just lay him down and let him be upset for 5 minutes, then he falls asleep. I think it's sweet that AOI is completely okay with quietly playing. I ADORED all these photos.

    1. I'm not a sleep enthusiastic :). She can play while I lie down but I know that she will be very tired later in the day, so I prefer wrapping up warm and I going out in the cold for the ten minutes walk

  3. these pictures are beautiful! We have a tricycle for Elyse but she hasn't quite mastered the whole pedaling thing...I'm hoping she will soon once the weather warms up & we're outside more often!

    1. We are looking forward to spring too but I know we have to wait two more months. I don't want to think about it too much, if not I would be sad

  4. So happy to see a mama in the photo with her kiddos. So important to make sure you're there, in these images.

    1. I really want to let my children know that I was there in their lives too. I love these everyday updates because when I read through them I get excited and emotional

  5. What beautiful pictures!! I love how you truly love and enjoy your family!! So sweet!


  6. Everyone looks quite cozy in that first picture!

  7. AOI is just gorgeous in the jumping picture! (Well, in all of them, but that one is adorable.) :-)

  8. What beautiful, love-filled photos.


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