4 Mar 2014

Three Years Today

Today marks the third year since we arrived in Canada.

The weather was the same as today, cold, snowy and grey. Around this time I was fighting against jet-lag but I was still head over heels. I didn’t look at the downside of the weather or lack of sleep. When I looked at the snow, couple days after our arrival, I saw how it glittered in the sun. I was jobless, friendless and apart from my husband many of our families were still in Europe.

Saying goodbye was heart breaking for us and our family, but I kept my chin high because deep in my heart I needed a new chapter in my life. My mind needed a break from trying to conceive, from all the negativity some of my husband’s so-called-friends were pouring into his path. So receiving the Canadian visa the first of March was a welcoming news. For me this place symbolised a totally new beginning. God had granted me a new page on which I could rewrite my life journey.

Today we went to the Western Development Museum.


bad photo merging purposely achieved

It was my first time. While we were there my husband commented that we are like the settlers of early Canadian development – just because we moved from Europe to here, but also because Saskatchewan is not well known, it’s slowly picking up with population.

I’ve never mentioned that I’m an expat, but I am. I’m an expat who moved from Great Britain to live life in Canada three years ago. Like my mother was before me, we move from places in such of new opportunities.

When I think about three, the number doesn’t seem to make a huge difference because I haven’t achieved some of my past goals, however it does make a difference. Since our move from Europe to North America three years ago today so much has changed in my life. I’m now a mother of two, I’m working hard at making my dream career come true and I’m loving capturing my everyday life for one day when I’ll be old and all I want to do is to know what I did with my life because time really flew by so quickly. I will look at my everyday life entries and know I did a lot.

Right now I’m loving every second of this adventure and I find it hard to imagine life anywhere else.

Question: Have you ever moved away from your city, country or continent to start afresh? Please share with me.


  1. Yay! Happy third year! Hurray to new beginnings!!!

  2. I've only moved away to university 4 hours from my home town. I can't imagine moving to en entirely new continent! :-) You've had a lot of good changes since you arrived in Canada it looks like. Glad you are loving it. :-)

  3. Happy three years to you! Yes, my family and I just moved 100 miles from our hometown (where both my husband and I were born and raised). I've been dreaming of this move my entire life! This change was filled with tons of emotions from elation to down right fear. Everyone is adjusting well though! We couldn't be happier with the choice we made to relocate our family and anticipate it happening again in the future (we will be moving to florida). You and your family are so inspiring! You have such a beautiful family TOI!


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