20 Apr 2014


Happy Easter to everyone one.

AOI week 16-52

TOI week 16

sibling love week 16

"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI: With her favourite hairstyle, that expression on her face, one of the many that makes me laugh from the belly. Sitting in that tiny pram for Elefante, her baby best friend. She’s a born comedian.

TOI: chewing his fingers, his favourite sport

AOI and TOI: Last week, he was lying there chewing his fingers, big sister comes along takes his hand out of his mouth then says in the most adorable voice “Don’t eat your hand”. See her index scolding him, she’s such the big sister. He loves her so, I can tell.


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  1. That expression and Elefante is just priceless! And how TOI has grown!

    1. Sometimes people think she's three, but she is such my 30months old little toddler girl

  2. her hair and that expression is perfection!

  3. Happy Easter!!!
    By the way, I am loving your "about you" picture.

  4. AOI's hair is great in that 1st picture! Such a beauty. :-)


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