15 Apr 2014

Mr T.: 3 Months–a long update

little toi

Dear sweet little angel boy,

Three months ago today you graced us with your persona, presenting your tiny body which  sometimes we were so scared to break you. But your strength which many recognised strengthened our confidence as new parents of a second child.

Three months ago you latched for the very first time and the few drops of milk you took from me pacified my mind from the pain of my tender nipples. Nowadays you pull and latch onto these tough nipples.

At the time you didn’t smile, you didn’t show your personality but you observed these two strangers caring for you with naive smiles on their faces. I wondered what you were thinking. I counted each minute to see your smile, a sign that would tell me everything was alright.

Then two months ago you graced us with your beautiful heart melting smile. From that moment on I can perform like a clown to steal one smile, your sister and daddy do the same. I believe I can understand your coooees, heees, eeehs, uhhhhs . I answer you and you seem happy with my responses. Yesterday I told you to say something to daddy and you repeated something after I spoke. I then told you something else and you repeated, that went on for some short sentences. It was hilarious to witness. You’ve been definitely repeating my ‘hellos’ and ‘how are yous’ and 'ciaos' and 'I love yous'.

Mr T 56-70Mr T 77-91 days

Nowadays when you lie on your tummy you lifted yourself up with determination.

I've been leaving you alone with daddy for two hours or less to go to the gym. You normally sleep through those hours but other times you wake up. Like yesterday when I went to the AIPlayground meeting. Around 8 is your time to feed and get ready for bed. Every time I'm away from you I miss you so much, but daddy takes care you and your sister so well.

I haven't started bottle feeding you and if I work around your sleep time I might not need to do that because from next month I will start introducing few solid into your daily feeds.

I love photographing and while your granny was here she noticed that. I take photos of you and your sister on a daily basis but on Wednesdays I take your weekly photo updates. I see how much you're growing and I wish I could hold your tiny baby size a little longer – my little human doll. Even without hair, your alert bright eyes make you look wiser than 3 months.

week 9-10week 11-12

You're friendly with other people and smile at smiling faces. You would then turn to hide your smiling face in my arms – I guess you’re a little shy boy. We’ve been to so many places together. But then you also turn to me and lock eye contact with me.

You've been coming to my writer's group with me and you're angel, you sleep most of time. Last Tuesday we went to the library and daddy was carrying you around, you looked so sweet and little in his arms. Two weeks ago we went to get your vaccination done and on Monday you went to swimming pool for the first time. You enjoyed it because some smiled at some stages.

You know me so well. When I sing you look at me and stop crying. Also you like to hear your sister's voice and see her face. She's such a great sister to you, you kisses your cheeks, caress your head and rock you when you are upset. She also makes sure you're always covered and warm. These days you like to use your fingers to comfort yourself. That was a mark that you are developing eyes mouth coordination. However you still like mummy to comfort when you want to sleep, you cry when you notice we're doing other things than that doesn't involve holding you. I've started using the Ghanaian cloth to carry you around the house when I'm cooking or tidying up. You like the closeness so much you fall asleep often when you're there. You make crawling movements when I put you on the stomach. Today you tried to roll from your back to the stomach when you wanted latte but I had to get something quickly. You also attempt to lift yourself to sit, which baby does that at only three months. You love to watch the giraffe on your mobile.

You received your passport. We have officially become family of four with four [I have duo] citizenship.

toi passport

We’re waiting for the British passport and you and your sister will have a duo citizenship too. I remember when we went to take the passport pictures, it was so sweet to see you sitting on that high chair whilst daddy was holding you still. You were the most adorable baby. You didn’t cry. Instead you were staring at the camera with your model look. Lips little open and eyes wide open, to handsome boy! You have the most contagious smile, straight from the soul – everyone loves it.

Baby boy, I love your beautiful personality, your open smile and lovely deep brown eyes. Everyone sees how beautiful you are from inside out when they first meet you. You have a smile for everyone and I am glad you are such a jovial person. I hope you keep that sunshine about you. 

Though the precious delicate moments of our early days with you as a newborn are going away, we are more than delighted to have you, our joyous little boy gracing our waking days.

Mr T 3 months

You sure are our ray of light and we are happy at the sight of you, our most beloved son.

All of our LOVE,

Mummy, daddy and sister.


  1. ooh lovely pictures! congratulations again !

  2. Beautiful pictures and you look great! You've lost all your baby weight already!!!

  3. it's so awesome how much growth they go thru in such a short period of time. you look amazing lady!

  4. Handsome. You don't look too shabby yourself mama!!!

  5. Aww, you forget how fast they grow :) Loving the mama/baby weekly shots!


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