21 Apr 2014

Our Everyday Life: April Snow

april snowAOI enjoys the falling snow after a playdate

Week 16 spring teased as a little. It wasn’t going to stay for long, in fact won’t be here until May. Yet, as I write this my husband and the children are dozing meanwhile the birds are singing outside, in the April slight cold morning.

Can’t imagine that last Friday it was snowing like early winter. In Saskatchewan, from the very first year of our arrival {2011}, I never allow myself to hope for proper spring until May.

I didn't take daily notes of our life happenings, there was no need, I’ve decided to write whatever I remember as the days go by.

Monday we all went to the swimming pool as a family. It was TOI’s first swim, he looked adorable in the water with his surprised expression and sometimes shy smiles. Meanwhile AOI looked like a pro

swimming time

Tuesday we didn't go to French playgroup, instead I stayed home to organise few things. In the evening I had a friend over for dinner and we talked about organising an event dedicated to women. Wednesday I had a training session at the gym, I wasn’t very surprised to find out that I'm completely out of shape, I may look like I'm losing the baby belly but my stamina and is at its lowest. I’m thinking about hiring a trainer to take my endurance to a sufficient level.

Thursday we went to the local playgroup and I thought everything went fast because it wasn't even eleven thirty and people were getting ready to go home. Friday I went to the gym as soon as TOI fell asleep for his midmorning nap, I didn't work out very much. Saturday morning I went to a class called physique, it’s what I need if I’m not going to pay for a personal trainer. In the evening husband suggested we order a pizza and go sit by river for our dinner. So we did. Sunday we went to church, in the afternoon we spent the time enjoying family time and at one point I told AOI follow me outside to play in the drizzling rain and muddy puddles.

singing in the rain copySinging in the rain, once back home she ran to her daddy and exclaimed “We had such a lovely time in the rain.” All the excitement for just staying out in the yard for ten minutes, the beauty of unplugged childhood.

More stills from our week

livingroomEnjoying our newly re-arranged living room, there is more space in this layout daddy came up with. Kids can play freely and we can work with our laptops in our laps.

aoi and toiShe’s his hero

aoi and daddy spelling timeAOI is interested in spelling the letters in the words she sees so daddy is taking time to make a book with animal names for her. This particular morning, the first thing she asked her daddy was to do some spelling with her

aoi and daddyAOI wanted to be near by daddy most part of the week. Sitting and reading while he worked on his laptop

aoiPlaying with his face as he wrote on his laptop

beauty and chaosTOI sleeping beautifully among the chaos of the living room

morning rainFriday morning rain, a toddler watching the garbage truck doing its job in the distance

family life sceneThe dinning table, another well used place. A father and daughter checking their in house garden

mummy and childrenJust chilling with the kiddos

toddler feetDetails of a toddler’s feet as she learns to spell.


Hope your week was good and it has started well


  1. Such great pictures TOI and I do love that you and T share the same initial.

    Tell me about this snow business, I was just in Canada a few days ago and it was snowing. I couldn't even believe it.

    1. The snow was still falling today. I pray May brings real spring sun

  2. these are just moments in time and oh so beautiful...definitely a blessing to lead such a wonderful magical life!! and thanks for sharing these moments with us. Little man is growing so fast!!

    1. Baby boy is growing at a blink of an eye

  3. Tell that snow to get lost already! I ADORE T's face in the water. Dominic would just scream when I would take him to the pool until he was 1 an a half. :) He's always been a bit moody, lol!
    I love these pictures <3

    1. Thank you. I told the snow to go away but it's still came back today. The good side about that is that is not cold cold

  4. I love getting a glimpse into your home! Into a beautiful family's life. love your new profile too!

    1. Thank you so much. I love sharing it thanks to my favourite bloggers encouragement :)

  5. Just so beautiful. I love how you capture the moments.


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