7 Apr 2014

Our Everyday Life: Happy

mother and daughterJust felt like snapping some pictures with my first born, in this picture we look so alike

Happy (From "Despicable Me 2") by Pharrell Williams on Grooveshark

This song described my mood for week 14 of 2014 so well. I was just a happy soul.

Monday morning we woke up happy. I went to the swimming pool alone with Miss AOI and daddy stayed with baby boy in the waiting area. While Mr T sleep daddy worked at his computer. I had so much fun going up and down the slide. I cuddled my girl in the pool and felt the love spurring out of me. I missed those moments with her. It felt so good to be in the swimming pool and just having the one on one  mother and daughter time together was awesome. I love being with both my children but I sometimes miss that quality alone time with my sweet girl.

French playgroup I'm getting well with speaking. I may have the most horrible accent in the room but I try my best to just speak.

One of my friends had a free gym pass and she invited me to go with her. I loved it. Going to the gym was something that I missed but didn’t know until Wednesday. I went to the gym three times. After that. Saturday I went to a yoga class and while I was doing of of the poses I felt so at peace I wanted to cry for joy. I felt sudden calm and I thanked God for my life and all the blessings He sends into my life. I simply felt happy…

AOIto see my daughter playing baby again

baby carrierto carry my little boy Ghanaian style around the house

daddy and daughterto spy daddy and daughter get some snow off the grass

daddy and sonto enjoy the vision on my tiny boy in a chef apron front pocket

gardento see that the seed we planted last week are already growing

mother and sonto capture a selfie with the Canon 6D while carrying my baby Ghanaian style

aoi and tto just capture the moment with all the mess thank makes childhood and life with kids tiring yet so much fun


P.S: Thanks to one of you who took the time to send in a question. I’m going to respond them throughout the week, so stay tuned. If you have a question for me please refer to this post

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  1. such beautiful photos! your babes are precious!


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