28 Apr 2014

Our Everyday Life: Yellow, Grey and White

yellow grey whiteEnjoying childhood in the backyard

The first two days of week 17 were painted in yellow.

The weather was bright and sunny, as if it was real spring. I know it’s spring in many places in the world but not in Saskatchewan, spring doesn’t come to us until May so when in April the weather shines on us, we rejoice.

Monday after a lazy morning, with AOI feeling cabin fever, we went for a walk and by the time we got back home our mood were on the high. After AOI’s nap we spent the afternoon in the garden.

Tuesday after breakfast we packed few things and went on a day trip to the lake. The water was frozen and not many people were in town but we enjoyed an afternoon at the indoor spring swimming pool.

Then Wednesday brought along wet, rainy and gloomy day.

rain rainRain, rain and rain again – at least is not snow

AOI had the blues, she was easily in tears. Baby TOI was smiley and the weather didn’t affect his mood. I went to the gym for a Group Blast workout class and my mind felt rejuvenated.

I came back to find AOI curled up on the sofa in her pj’s watching Umizoomi, baby TOI was fast asleep. Husband left for a meeting. I let AOI have a little of pajamas day until about midday and then dressed her for the rest of the day. She didn’t want to have anything to do with nap. When AMI returned he took AOI to food shopping while I took care of baby boy – we were hoping AOI  would have a her nap in the car but she didn’t, I will miss nap times so much if that would ever have to disappear.

Thursday I woke up on the wrong side, I had the blues. I could have beat up a beast if it came in my way. Friday morning I went to do spin and core, my mood was already better but the sky was still grey. Saturday I went to another aerobics class. The rest of the day was grey so we stayed indoors. Sunday I decided to stay home from church, mainly because the weather wasn’t inviting and I was tired and bored and the sky was white. In the afternoon I wanted us all go to the prairie to snap some pictures of horses under the rain, but hubby didn’t find it exciting so we went to the museum instead. After our visit we went for a drink something sweet in the cafe. I had cheesecake to treat myself.

AOI cabin fever

Well, the weather was on the grey side and sometimes we all wanted to hide under a coffee table like a toddler but I managed to capture most of the yellow side with my big Canon 6D…

cool TOILike a little boy with a big hat covering his brown eyes, not amused

daddy and AOI readingA toddler reading with her daddy, melts my heart – always makes me want to have a least one picture of me together with my late daddy

daddy and TOI cuddlesQuickly capturing a tender moment between a father and son

daddy and TOINaso a naso kiss

flyA toddler flying in the sunshine rays

walkingA toddler enjoying a free transportation

taking a break from the walkTaking a break after brief walk

dogOur little fan saw us, run to us and jumped up in excitement – never seen this dog before but she was so cute and friendly, I had to capture a picture of her. This is the kind of dog I wouldn’t mind owning.

lakeviewEnjoying a family day at Manitou Beach, April 2014


Hope you’re enjoying real spring where you live. Have a great week 18


  1. such beautiful photos! and naptime...I think I need Elyse to take naps until she graduates! ha! naptimes are precious times for me!

  2. I've had the blues too. Not sure what's up with that. Right now it's rainy, chilly, and gray too. Sigh. At least you got out of the house in spite of the weather. I think sometimes when we go days without the sun it greatly affects us. I love all the pictures & I'll trade you my "cheap" canon rebel for your 6d ;) just kidding.

  3. Your little ones are so incredibly beautiful! Love your pics!
    I love nap time too! Love the quiet calm. :)
    The temperature has just heated up here in Sacramento, CA. I was enjoying the cool - but hopefully it will cool off again until June! :)


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