22 Apr 2014

Q+A: Life Journey

This is the last post for the FAQ series

FAQOoooh, I want to play. Are you done having kids? You make the cutest kids and I am always curious how people decide when their family is complete. What are you planning for your 10th wedding anniversary next year? I am always curious if people celebrate big wedding milestones. How do you like Canada? Do you guys ever consider moving back to England? or Italy? When are you coming to visit your sis in MD – obviously that's more of a personal question :)

Oh what made you decide to come out of the dark? I must say I love seeing pics of your adorable family and I am glad that you share more, I am just curious what changed. by Pegster

Pegster you make me smile always. Thank you for your questions.

Are you done having kids?

When we first got married hubby and I agree that we will have two children because I wanted one child and he wanted three so the right compromise was having two kids. I love being a mother of two and though it’s hard to combine many things, when I look at my lovely children together my uterus craves for more children. But right now we’re more than happy with two kiddos. That said, I know that in this life mai dire mai {never say never}.

What are you planning for your 10th wedding anniversary next year (2015)?

God’s willing I would like us to renew our vows and take the children on a grand holiday in Singapore, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand and Bali. I would love that but I wonder if financially would be feasible.

 How do you like Canada?

I love Canada so much it’s feels like home to me. I’ve settled in so well. I have my writer’s group, a friend with whom I’m thinking to start a project with. My mummy friend with whom I discuss all my paranoid motherhood worries and we click because she feels similar to me regarding many things on the journey as a mother.

However, the weather doesn’t make it the ideal place to live. It’s snowing in April and I know that in Europe real spring is shaking it blossom leafs off. My husband jokingly said that if it snows in June he’s taking his passport.

Do you guys ever consider moving back to England? or Italy?

Right now, I feel a little sad when I think about leaving what I have here in Canada to move to Britain {England} or Italy. I love these two countries so much and I miss our families but what I had there wasn’t nothing compared to the real life I’m living here.

The other day my husband asked me “What if you weren’t working in Britain, would you still like to live here?”

“I don’t think I like living here because I don’t work, it’s because there is more in my life here.” I answered. Living in Italy, then Britain was stressful. In Italy I always felt a little bit out of place. I loved living in solitude. In Britain I was on the go-go-go university, work and I had do be realistic about life so my writing was waiting on the bench. I believe if I lived in Italy or Britain the stress of everyday life would hit me more than living in Saskatchewan. Though the weather is not very nice seven months over twelve, I can’t see ourselves in Britain or Italy for a long while.

However, we want the best for our children so we might move back to Britain to be close to family. We must decide where we definitely want to settle by the time the children are school going age, by 2016. Also I like AOI’s little English accent and living in Britain will maintain that :).

When are you coming to visit your sis in MD?

I miss my sister and my little nephew so much but I can’t set a definite day when it comes to visiting her. I pray, cross my fingers and toes that God helps me find the way to come visit her this summer.

Oh what made you decide to come out of the dark?

I remember the very first post I wrote here. I was sitting in a room at my in-laws’ house after Christmas celebration, shy about sharing my thoughts but those thoughts were getting too much for me to keep them still in my diary. Starting the journey towards motherhood I felt I needed a platform on which I could get real answers to my many questions.

When I published that first post decided to keep my real name and full identity hidden. I didn't mind sharing pieces of my features but my name and full face were going to be top secret. I didn't want my family to know that I am the one behind the blog. I was so shy and being anonymous and writing under under MsBabyPlan was what I needed to come out from my shell. I never believed that people would take their time to read my random thoughts. Then I started to read other blogs about amazing people {including you} who are bold to share everything about themselves. Their names, their children’s name and according to me that helped them live life to its fullest. I was inspired by many of you and slowly I came out of my shell. 

Three years ago I wrote

I keep my identity ‘undercover’ because I know that there is a freedom in doing so. I can write anything I like and my family can feel protected. However, that freedom can be a backlash. From day one I was so thorough that I used pseudonym for my online accounts. But now I am getting attached to many of you, and sometimes I want to show you a smile on my face or share my real name with the world. My overly protective attitude seem to prevent that and I feel like I am pushing myself into a trap. But I know I can come out from there.

I didn't want my family to know that I am the one behind the blog, plus I didn't want them to think that I was indulging myself online. I guess I was affected by the comment “Blogging about your personal life is just indulgence.” For me, the word indulgence in that phrase had a negative connotation.

The idea to share my name and more of my life started about two years. This year I took the bold decision to go all the way, to reveal my real name. I’m so happy about the decision because it really shows how blogging is helping me become the bold person I want to be. I love my name so much and sharing it means a lot to me. I still don’t share my children and husband’s name people that decision is up to them {unless I’ve shared it without realising it}. Also the more freely I share the better I get at my craft. Both my husband and I can see how much my photography as improved since I started blogging. When I update our everyday life I can easy print those pictures into books for my children when they’re older and would like to know what we did in our everyday life, so instead of writing my journal offline, I write them online to inspire myself and hopefully inspire others to enjoy the little things that make us happy.

From the start I knew that blogging is NOT just indulgence but a tool to get things out of the shell. And I hope some people can understand that blogging can be therapeutic

It has been for me and along that journey I’m getting to know amazing people who I pray to meet one day. This is a such a lovely community to be part of. Thanks each one of you for making it special for me.


  1. coming out of hidding...i love that you did. that picture is just gorgeous of you by the way. isn't wonderful when a place has always felt like home!! glad Canada has been that place for you. 10years of marriage...wow lady....i can't believe that!! and YES blogging can be very therapeutic!!!

  2. I think you should have 10 kids, because you make gorgeous children ; )
    I think no matter where you lived you'd be able to figure out the balance to make things less stressful, but I'm glad you enjoy living in Canada. The consistent cold weather would probably drive me a bit mad, but I'm sure it's a beautiful place to live and peaceful in your particular town.

  3. TOI - I loved reading your answer, thank you for being so honest and open about things. I just love your family and the way that you guys live your lives.

    I've enjoyed reading your blog when you were top secret but I must say I really love your blog now that you are out in the open. I love that you post more pic of the kiddos and share more of your lives together. Going bold definitely looks good on you :)

    I must say I am not a fan of Canadian weather, I was just in Ottawa 2 weeks ago and it was snowing, not ok in April, not ok.


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