10 Apr 2014

Q+A: Marriage and Children

questions and answersThank you again ladies for your questions, as usual they made me reflect and hopefully wrote a good answer for each. Today I’m going to answer three questions.


How does your family respond to you being in an interracial marriage? by Regina Erickson

My family is happy for my marriage, they’ve never made it a big deal that it’s an interracial.

I remember years ago, before we got married, one of my cousins told me "You don't know what people are saying behind your back because you are dating your {white} boyfriend." I really didn’t care about what other people were saying behind us. What mattered to me was how my family felt about my relationship. My grandmother, my mother and my siblings were happy for me and are still happy for the man I love and I’m married to.

How did you keep from going "crazy" when you were trying to conceive your first child? by Mrs M.

This question brings a knot in the stomach. Since having my children I’ve achieved all about the stress and sadness I felt during the journey of TTC {trying to conceive}. There were times when I was going ‘crazy’, I hated the monthly visit from Miss Scarlet. I downloaded all the apps to track my fertile days. I was stressing about the fear that maybe I was infertile. I visited my doctor to confirm that I was healthy and shouldn’t stress about that.

To keep myself from going insane when I was trying for my first baby I wrote a lot about the journey, I couldn’t take my mind off  the topic. I compiled a checklist. I wrote about u turning my journey towards motherhood, I wrote about ovulation kit, you can read about the things I enjoyed while they lasted, how I achieved reverse psychology, our unplanned baby-moon, my mini checklist to conception, I played with the name I wished to call my children, now of which we used  and in this post I wrote a quick update on my journey to TTC, few weeks later I found out I was expecting.

Also I worked out, I enjoyed doing yoga, watching movies depicting the role of a mother that made think and laugh at the same time. The month when we spent more time together and I threw all my plan into the air was when we conceived.

How did you decide to name your children? by From Mrs to Mom

Naming a child is so important and hard at the same time. When were expecting our first child I wanted her first name to begin with A like my husband and we agreed that if we had a boy in the future his name should begin with T. We went through the alphabet months before AOI was born and we listed the names, I liked Abigail but hubby didn’t, in the end we found a name that begins with A that we both like and the same happened with T, in the end we gave him a name I’ve always loved for so long. Now he shares the same initials as me, TOI. Since I’ve started to use my full name I will use TOI in future updates and letters to him on my blog.


  1. Thank you so much for answering my question. I look forward to going through those posts! And I enjoyed reading your answers to your other readers.

  2. This is so fun, I love your take on life and how easygoing you are. Love the idea of the same initials, so cute and original

  3. i love the idea of keeping similar initials! naming children is hard work!

  4. Glad for your family's support and you taking the time to answer my question!


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