15 Apr 2014

Q+A: On My Writing Journey

FAQHow is being a mom of two and an aspiring writer? by Mrs Pancakes


The guilt when I sit in front of my computer to write or when I leave the house to attend my writer’s group has doubled. I’m a bad mother each time I write when my children are sleeping or playing next to me. Writing and editing and motherhood seem not to mingle very well, but I think that other mothers do work and I’m not the only one to feel guilt to pursue my dreams so I push on. As mothers we always put our children first for this reason though this year I envisaged myself with my novel published I don’t mind if that doesn’t happen, because my priorities are my daughter and son need of me. That said I’m working hard and using all my power to get closer to that goal: being published.

Aside from your blog, what other writing endeavours are you currently working on? by Anonymous

Last year I completed my first young adult novel; since then I’ve been revising and revising and revising. It never seem to be ready but finally I feel like it’s at a good place and I want to share it with the world as soon as it’s possible. I’ve written a synopsis for it and after many re-write I will share it with you before the end of April.

Also, recently, a new novel has being playing on my mind and I’m working my way through it.


  1. Mom's need not lose themselves in their children entirely. I believe it's okay for you to have your own hobbies and dreams. They may not know what you are doing right now but someday it will inspire them. : )

  2. aww, I wish that you would not feel guilt. not only are you a mom but a writer as well. hopefully the guilt will subside very soon. your children need to see you chase your dream that way they know they can do the same.

  3. thanks for the answer...when we are not dreaming we are showing our kids how not to dream so definitely pursuing your dreams should be one of the things we do every day. especially when the kids are sleeping.


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