23 Apr 2014

The Roof Window

rainy day

People Help The People by Birdy on Grooveshark

Today was one of those days. Gloomy, rainy day. Still falling, the rain.

The rain always take me back to some part in Italy. Today it reminded me of the second flat my mother rented when I went to live with her again. The window in her room was a roof window. My favourite. Sometimes, when she was on her night shifts I would go and sleep in her room, under the light covers and bring as many blankets I could find and lie on the left side of the bed, looking up the sky. If it rained I would pretend running on deserted street under the needle drops yet protected and safe from the wetness.

Tonight, after the children went to bed, I finished to catch up some of my favourite TV shows and unsuccessfully tried to rewrite a page of my novel, I clicked one of the many songs on my iTunes playlist that my sister-in-law purchases and comes to my computer. The hashed voice from a different era of the singer filled my ears. Birdy sung People Help The People like the bird that’s her stage name.

I’ve never hear her before. That shows how far back I’m in the new music releases. As the rain clapped on the window, I lost myself in the music as I typed my thoughts without censor. I missed those seclusions. The get away from the world and sit in my mother’s room as the needles of the rain fell on the roof window while I let my romantic-nostalgic side of me prevail.

Question: What does the rain remind you of?


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  1. Beautiful post and picture. It is amazing how something as simple as rain can take you back to fond memories.

  2. Beautiful post. Rain makes me feel nostalgic sometimes too. One of my favorite things to do when it's continuously raining outside for a day is to curl up in blankets and watch movies. I really love your new layout <3

    1. I love watching old school movies, so romantic :)

  3. Isn't it funny how something like a rainy day can take us back to an old memory? I love the feeling of nostalgia. Such a bitter-sweet feeling. :)


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