30 Apr 2014

Wasting Away–the synopsis


Via Mazzini, Verona, Italy

Wasting Away: the synopsis

She has a plan to win back the popular guy in school, but how far is she willing to go?

For any girl living in the romantic city of Verona, Italy would be a dream but not for sixteen-year-old mixed race Susanna Danso. She hates her life in Verona because she can’t fit in. The bullies at her school call her “Mandolino” making her believe she has a big butt. Her model's agent aunt always criticizes her appearance. She learns to live with it but deep inside she hurts.

Things change when Brad Lawson, a popular hockey player in school pursues her. Susanna feels accepted. But Brad has a secret: about his real intent and the friends he mingles with. After he dumps her, she learns the truth. Susanna's world flips upside down, she questions her identity – always too dark or too light with a too-big butt.

With a broken heart, she convinces herself that winning back Brad is only key to her happiness. But he prefers girls that look like models. Susanna is determined to become skinny like a model. She starts to eat healthy, soon her healthy eating habit turns into an obsession to avoid food. While everyone around her notices her continuous weight loss Susanna doesn’t accept her image in the mirror. She’s never thin enough. Her desires to lose few more weight turns into an eating disorder.

After many denials, she accepts to be ill and needs help, but Susanna has to battle against the need to heal and the desire to have anorexia as an anchor in a world in which to be thin is a synonym of beauty. She begins a long journey through recovery towards self-acceptance.

Wasting Away is a story that will resonate with every teenager or woman who faces issues of first love, body image and self-acceptance.


Normally, I would put this introduction before the main post but I wanted you to just read it without any presumption.

After thinking and re-thinking and re-thinking… I’ve decided to just press the publish button for the synopsis of Wasting Away – the novel I’ve been talking about for some time – because it will never reach perfection and if I carrying on seeking that perfectionit I won’t move forward. I don’t know if this synopsis captures the essence of the story but I want to put it here on this little blog of mine because I believe my wonderful readers can help me with feedback and thus clear my thoughts.

Questions: So what do you think of the synopsis?/ Would you pick the book up if you read this blurb?


So with my heart in my stomach I press publish


  1. I would read it!!! Have you already written the book or are you starting with synopsis to focus your writing. I found a few things that I would change. Only 2!!! (if you are interested I'll tell ya). I like it though. The editing process is quite tortuous.

  2. Yes, I would read it. The subject matter is important and riveting. Many books have been written about this but, each unique just like the people in them. Is it written yet, or are you going to write it? I'll be on the look-out! Great synopsis. I'm glad you pressed the button.

  3. Sounds really interesting! I have always been particularly interested in literature that deals with coming of age and the pressure our girls feel to fit an image; not realizing they are perfect as they are! Can't wait to read it!!! Keep us updated! :)

  4. I like that you are writing about body image and issues that pertain to young adult readers. I have body image issues as an adult, but I think it was a bigger deal when I was younger because smaller = acceptance and bigger = worthless. Of course it's not so black and white to me now, but back then it was.

    I like that you shared your synopsis with us, and I'm happy to read whatever you choose to share with us <3


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