18 May 2014


sibling love week 20

AOI week 20

toi week 20"A portrait of my children, once a week, every week, in 2014." (portraits captured with Canon 6D)

AOI and TOI: Saturday little TOI had his first bottle feed with boiled celery and rice cereal. Elder sister wanted to feed him and she was so ready to have him in her lap and feed him – my heart is a puddle of love.

AOI: This week my little girl had a hard time, at the beginning of the week she was missing her daddy so much because he was away for work in Ottawa. We played in the garden a lot, especially on her swing, but until Saturday there were times during the week that she wouldn’t let me read to her, hug her or use her swing. She was so happy when her daddy returned back on Wednesday but she was so sad again when he went back to work on Thursday. This photo represents her jovial state, running among the freshly washed laundry, after a hard week made of meltdowns, shouts and rebellions.

TOI: Enjoying his first bottle feed while I snap this photo

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  1. aww, that first photo so sweet, how quickly babies grow and it's time to introduce something new! love your new profile pic, you look stunning :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  2. banff is such a beautiful place. Poor little AOI, missing her dad :( I had trouble with the gym daycare too, Tavi would be ok for a bit then wouldn't stop crying and they'd have to get me from my workout. I'm not sure what it was exactly but maybe she'll like it when she's older??

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  3. She looks like she wants him to jump with her! :-)

  4. I know, I'm always emotional when I look at him. Thank you so much Em for the compliment :)

  5. Such a big boy holding the bottle on his own!


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