28 May 2014

AOI Says

kipper the dog

Long time since I’ve written what my talkative toddler has been saying. I have a list to go through so I’ll make AOI Says a weekly regular on the blog.


The Friday morning  after we got back from Banff {May 9th 2014}, AOI woke up and walked into our room as usual. She climbed the bed and sat next to me. When she noticed that her daddy was not in bed, with her eyes wide open, she asked "Where is daddy?"  

"He is downstairs" I told as I stretched.

She got out of bed and said "I’m going downstairs with my iPad, is a good idea." She has really claimed that iPad as her own. Also her favourite phrase is is a good idea or is not a good idea.


  1. LOL! This is too funny! So my kid is not the only one who has laid claim on their parent's iPAD. My daughter has been using my iPAD since she was about 4-months! Yup...it was bad enough that a stranger on the plane actually had to ask me how old she was when he saw her. Granted, then, she just liked to scroll. Now, she actually knows her apps and can choose shows she wants to watch or games and such. It is scary how smart kids are these days.
    Go AOI!

  2. Wow, he is looking so big already, in the pictures with you holding him! Time flies much too fast.

  3. Oh man, we went and got Elyse the other morning and she said..."Daddy, have you seen my iPad anywhere?" I about died. She has definitely claimed it, so we keep it on a shelf out of her vision most of the time!

  4. I love what they say at this age!!! and it is a good idea AOI ;) Just don't drop it


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