15 May 2014

Mr T.: 4 Months

cute toiSweet little boy,

Happy 4th month.

As I finish this letter your sister in my lap, her legs stretched onto my desk, it’s nearly midnight, here in Saskatchewan, you’re fast sleep and so is daddy. AOI woke up in the middle of the night because she went to bed around six thirty today because she didn’t have a nap in the afternoon. One day you will be in a similar position, but we can wait.

You’ve grown so much. I want to cry for pride and sadness because I’m losing your babyhood too fast. I would like to keep you pint size for awhile. You’re smile is so beautiful, I MELT each time you gift me one. Your dimples and chubby cheeks, so sweet. You have a very light brown hair, I can’t wait to see it grow a little bit more.

This month you’ve been to Banff and Manitou Beach. At Manitou you came into the hot spring, the water was so hot but you didn’t seem to mind it. In Banff you and your sister became addicted to TV in the hotel, every time your sister asked to watch the box you turned to look at the moving images. You smiled when you looked up at your sister who then asked “What is T doing?” She laugh whenever I respond “He is just watching TV.” or “he’s looking at you and smiling.”

During the trips you slept well and woke up minutes before we entered a new town. You have a good sense of time. Well, not always because sometimes you cried while far away from our next stopping point. God’s willing we’re planning to go on longer road trip – to USA.

TOI in days

I think you love to listen to my voice or maybe you generally like to listen to talking voices but I guess you would recognise my scent and voice among many mothers. Lately you like to listen to lullabies. When I sing you beam with your tongue stuck out a little and fist in a boxing position, such a cute vision. You still love to hear your sister's voice and see her face. She adores you and doesn’t like to see you cry when you start crying she tells me, and when you awake she tell. She likes to help me bath you too. Sometimes we do sink bath for you and she always wash you shoulders for you. You’re using more and more your fingers to comfort yourself. You also like to chew your rattles. You’re rolling from back to front. One day you rolled out of the bed and fell on the floor. I woke up panicking but nothing happened to you. That happened when daddy was away for work.

Yes, daddy went to Ottawa for work. While he was away your sister missed him terribly and she needed my attention, you were so good I could take care of her. You great naps so it was not so bad taking care of you two. One thing I’ve notices is that you and your sister are like an orchestra, you take turns in seeking my attention and it’s so strange but when one cries the other want to see the other happy, so you smile or your sister comes close to your face and talks to you or gives you something to play with. I really hope you two will always have a great bond.

TOI in weeks

You’re strong and you want to sit up already, please sweet boy take your time you’re just four months old, be my tiny baby for a little bit longer.

I love you so much it’s impossible to describe that love. All of my soul and LOVE,


{Note from AOI: Elephant, please!}

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  1. Happy 4 months Mr T. Time is surely flying by.


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