14 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Back To The Cold

banff 1Banff, a view from my hotel room: the hills were calling me to snap

Week 19 we were in Banff until Thursday 8th. The first thing I said when we drove into Calgary was “Winter again?” I couldn’t believe that it was cold and snowy in Calgary and worse in Banff. As we drove towards the Rockies a heavy snow welcomed us. But that was the big thing that everyone can notice. The little things are the happening of my life. 

Throughout the week AOI wasn't a happy kid. She wanted her daddy and go home. But we managed to pull through and when daddy had chance we spent more hours together.

Monday around 2:30am AOI started crying refusing to sleep she kept asking to go back home. As tired as I was a calmness took me and I comforted her with all my love. I suggested we put her sleeping bag on and listen to our favourite bedtime routine lullabies from songza. We cuddled and she fell asleep again. I was glad I brought her sleeping bag, something that reminded her of her own bed and the familiarity of home. And I was also glad to have internet on my iPhone to play our songza.

Tuesday she had another cranky day. She wanted her daddy, and kept asking what time he was coming back to us. TOI cried in the night, not usual of him.  Wednesday early about one, she wiggled herself out of the bed and slept on the floor. I tried to bring her up again but I couldn’t. I couldn’t sleep well because I was worried about her on the floor and she didn’t want covers. I dozed off. After a long while I brought her back into bed and we all had a lie in. Still I woke up before everybody and went for a walk.

The fresh air cleared my mind.

banff 3

AOI had her first lollipop. After a fight against her nap, while walking about town in Banff, I told her “I bought you this lollipop but if you don’t sleep I won’t give it to you.” Maybe I was harsh but she was sleeping five minutes after my little speech.

As soon as she woke up from the nap, two and half hours later, she started searching for something, she went to the pram and rummaged inside. Then she brought out the brown paper bag. "There it is" she pulled out the brown paper bag with the lollipop in it.

In the evening we went to a bonfire and she was happy to through pieces of wood into the fire. She wanted to eat toasted marshmallow, she knows about this because she’s been reading Caillou and watching Bubble Guppies.

The journey back was not too bad, AOI was very good, she was jovial and giddy. TOI cried but slept whenever he was happy and feed. We returned to Saskatchewan spring, cast sky and prairie fields. 

Friday morning the ocean of warm spring sun watched over us. AOI slept in, TOI was sleeping next to me peacefully. Going away on holidays is nice but home is always sweet home. From how they were sleeping I could tell that they missed they beds and the familiar smell. They both woke up in cheerful mood and I was happy to see them like that. I went to the gym and for the first time I left them at the gym daycare. They told me AOI cried a little for me and started to cry more when somebody went to pick their children.

She had a great three hours nap in the afternoon.

Saturday I went to my writer’s group and then to the gym with TOI. I left him at the daycare, they came to call me thirty minutes into my workout. He wouldn’t stop crying even after they changed him.

In the afternoon AMI built a swing for AOI.

Sunday AMI flew to Ottawa for a work trip. One of my friends came to help me tidy up my office so that my writing flow returns to a good point.   

Some stills from week 19

baby feetbaby feet during morning lie in

banff 2gorgeous landscape

banff 4Banff, Sunday May 4th 2014

coffee grinderpretty and random. I would drink coffee just because of this grinder, but I don’t because my system can’t stand caffeine.

aoi and toia baby brother watching his toddler take a nap

landscapethere is a magic about the prairie landscape

sweet shoppeBanff sweet shoppe, classic place to take a kid

the making of a swingthe making of a swing, father and daughter at work

swingthe swing, job well done

toddler feet

toddler stretching her feet after long ten hours in the car, she was great.


Hope week 20 is going smooth for y’all.


  1. Wow, wow, wow! These pictures are absolutely stunning! The one of the landscape, incredible!

    AOI knew that at home the weather was better. I don't blame her ;)

    1. Oh thank you, too kind. I think you're right, she missed home so much she kept asking us when we were going back.

  2. Beautiful photographs. I'm sure it is hard on a tiny kid to be away from home when that's what they are used to. & a little bribe with candy never hurt anyone ;) . Well I hope minus a fussy toddler and baby that you enjoyed your trip. I was looking at your pictures on Instagram while you were there and they looked stunning!

    1. We did enjoy it. I like to go away from home but home is always home :)

  3. Wow…great pictures! Are you using your full frame for these?

    1. Thank you Desiree, these are shot with my full frame. I love the photos and shooting in manual makes such a big difference.


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