19 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Let’s Go To Cow Town

Week 20 AOI enjoyed a lot of time in the garden on her swing, finding different ways to swing herself about. AMI was away for work from Sunday until Wednesday, our little girl missed him terribly. On Monday while we were skyping with her daddy when it was time for him to go she said "one more thing", and I thought I've never seen a two and half year-old girl start a conversation like that, she completed her sentence with "I love you daddy." My heart filled so much, I love her so much.
But also this week the meltdowns, the toddler frustrated shouting and rebellions were more. Still she was so adorable that I love even her mood swings. TOI had a good feed and nap pattern, that helped me being alone with the kids. He is such a blessing in our lives.
We drove to Cow Town a lot…but really Cow Town is AOI’s creative name for the farmland, ten minutes drive away from the centre. So going horse watching was our favourite activity this week.
Monday we had a chilled day at home, no nap for AOI, she had thirty minutes quiet time, extended to one hour while I completed few things on my laptop. TOI had a good feed and nap pattern.
Tuesday was busy. I woke up early in the morning to AOI cries for her daddy. I comforted her and reassured her that daddy was coming home the following day. After French playgroup I drove ten minutes outside the city into the prairie. AOI didn’t want to nap, she talked and talked and talked. She wanted to go see the horse, she yawned. She wanted to get out from her car-seat and be a horse, she yawned. I drove two times around the places where the horse are kept. I had my heart in my throat, afraid someone will think I’m doing something dodgy, not knowing that I love horse and I was only horse watching. With their regal appearance. Some people go bird watching, I opt for horse watching.
After driving one hour around our favourite horse hot spots she fell asleep.
sleeping girl
We went home and I had an afternoon with TOI and a little bit catching up some of my tv shows. She woke up crying hard for daddy. my cuddles wouldn't comfort her, she wanted to be left alone. I told her that I would be downstairs if she wanted me. After a while I went back to her bedroom and she was happy again.
In the evening AOI tried a very laid back soccer club. After her practice, which she didn't take part in, I asked her if she liked soccer and she said "No." Maybe she was affected by her sadness because she missed her daddy.
Wednesday morning AOI ran into my bedroom, when I opened my sleepy eyes I could tell her happiness. She asked “Is daddy here yet?”
“He'll be here in four hours” She calmed down but as if she was cross with him for going away in the first she complained when it was time to go pick him. In the end he came in a taxi. She had her nap after twenty minutes walk around the block with her daddy. I went to do Hot Yoga to relax my tensed muscles.
In the afternoon we enjoyed moments in the garden. After dinner AOI suggested ice-cream and we didn’t decline. In the evening I went to our local library an excerpt from my future debut novel.
library reading
Thursday morning when AOI saw her daddy ready for work she asked "And where are you going, daddy?"
After playgroup she said “Mummy, I want to go to Cow Town.” I knew straight away where she meant. “Sure.” my voice was laughing with glee. I wanted to go there away in the hope she falls asleep. But she didn’t yawn, still I could tell she was very sleep, but still no yawn. It was chilly, rainy and misty, creating the perfect atmosphere for a prairie drive. The horses were more beautiful with their shiny skin under the rain. We stopped, watched them eat or shuffle around the field. “I want to see the blue horse.” She said, I let out a small laugh, thinking how sweet, the blue horse “That’s a great idea let’s go find it.” I drove a little bit more and saw a very black horse. I stopped, pointed it out to AOI but she couldn’t see it, she was tired and her eyes were fixed into a point that told me it wasn’t on anything particular. Still she didn’t want to sleep. After driving around for forty minutes I decided to turn back home.
We got home, she wanted snack, she had snack. I told her that after snack she can have quiet time. She agreed then after a thought she said “After snack I watch Umizoomi”
“That’s not a good idea” I told her. She finished snack, she took her friend Elefante and new friend Racoon and went upstairs. But she didn’t sleep and she didn’t sleep until 6:30pm and woke up at 23:23, while I was still in my office trying to find the way to convert a raw file into jpeg.
Friday was another trying day. I went to the gym in the morning and AO refused her snack because Mummy was not with her. We got home had snack and then took the camera and car for a drive to cow town, she slept for two hours but was shouting at her babysitter, telling her she didn’t want her to read to her or play with her.
The weekend was great, we enjoyed the sunny Saturday. In the morning I went to my writer’s group then hit the gym. In the afternoon  Sunday, was nice, AOI was in such a good mood, she even chose her clothes for the day. Everything was has a mother would hope for after a hard week. She played in the garden again and didn’t want to leave. It was a through childhood unplugged.
Among the meltdowns and rebellions there were moments of pure bliss and I loved capturing unplugged childhood
childhood unplugged 2
childhood unplugged 1
baby and toddler cotgelato time
laundry day
enjoying the sun
drying line
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