10 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Spring Came

spring snow It snowed but it was warm enough for my toddler to venture outside bare feet

Once Around the Block by Badly Drawn Boy on Grooveshark

Week 18 of 2014, spring did come on April 30th, after a buttery snow storm, soft and warm on the face. We listened to Badly Drawn Boy’s The Hour of Bewilderbeast, one of our favourite feel good musiscian. 

I don't remember exactly what time but on Monday early morning AOI walked into our room with Elefante and Pinguino again. She wanted to sleep in the middle of bed next to me and TOI, who was obviously feeding. When she woke up she asked me where her daddy is and went downstairs with her iPad. 

I heard AMI exclaim “Oh no, snow again.” So Monday it snowed, but in the afternoon all snow was gone.

spring snow everywhere 1


Also this week we returned to a new version of our old routine, where daddy goes to work and mummy stays home and tries to juggle motherhood and being a writer. First thing up, tidy up the house, AOI room floor was covered with books. Her passion for books can go over the top.

We went back to French playgroup, and AOI was not happy to be there. She asked me to take her home, a part of me wanted to pick her up, take TOI in his car seat and go home. But I knew that being there and learning to play with the other kids will help her for September when she will start preschool. I felt so bad when she was crying but I stood my ground and told her that I wasn't going to take her home just because she is crying. We went back in and she was just fine. She enjoyed the rest of the time there.

Wednesday, 30th April, was worth recording the date because we all woke up in a bright mood. The sun was pouring into the room, it felt like swimming in a sand dune. We were all smiley, I even laughed when AMI said that it was snowing. I started the day by proclaiming that spring has arrived.

I realised why I was in the zonk mood the previous week. I was scared that spring may not come even in May, for me the curfew of winter in Saskatchewan. We enjoyed the time by doing spring cleaning, after snack I read three books to AOI, I asked her if she wanted to go to the park but she preferred staying home to colour.  

She went to nap and slept for two nap, nice. In the meantime baby was wide awake, leaving me very little window to do much because his cuteness distracts me so much.

Thursday was playgroup and in the after one hour nap, we went to CB's house for a playdate. The girls had fun, initially was sunny and warm so I took AOI for sometime. The sky was soon grey and a little rain fell down, we went in and then came back out again but the weather has cool down. I put her jacket back on. We played for a little bit longer and when I asked to go home she didn't complain. When we arrived, as soon as she got out of the car she threw up everywhere and it ended up on Elefante. I was glad it happened in the garden. I was shaking a bit because I didn't understand the sudden throwing up. She said she was tired and asked to drink water. I gave her white pasta and water.

After a quick bath with Elefante I put them both to bed.

elefante bath

elefante after bath

Friday after dinner I escaped to the library to return some books and enjoy some me and baby time. But TOI was fast asleep by the time we got there. Saturday AOI and me had a mother and daughter outing to a garden centre. We went there with CB and her mom.

Sunday we drove to Banff, the journey was very good. TOI cried couple of times wanting to feed and slept most of the time. AOI didn't complain much, had her snack on the go and had a nap. Banff greeted us with a snow storm, only in Canada it snows in May, but it’s only allowed when you are in the Rockies.

Some more stills from the week

indoor gardenMy toddler asked me to take photos of the plants her and daddy are growing

saturday chillingSometimes a toddler misses being a baby, and I miss that too especially when baby her little baby brother is growing too fast

sibling love week 18My toddler imitating a crying baby

AOI at the garden centerMy toddler patting a stranger cat

simple gamesHelping my toddler play with 142 wooden bloks while my baby sleeps

chalksBackyard chalking, spring is surely here

cutie pieMy baby melting my heart after I found him awake and trying to get hold of his


  1. It's strange how we always hanker for what we don't have! While you're eagerly waiting spring, I look at the beautiful snow photos and sigh wistfully! We have to drive for hours to see snow in winter! Beautiful photos and I hope your spring is glorious and full of sunshine and flowers!

  2. The photo with your daughter and the flowers is gorgeous! I love it when toddlers want to be babies again too, it's just the best :) xx


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