26 May 2014

Our Everyday Life: Warm Sunny Days


Week 21 began with rainy Victoria Day. I was tired throughout the day because i slept only four. Daddy wanted us all to join some of his work colleagues for lunch out but due to the weather I preferred staying home with the kids.

This week I was so content with my lovely family.

AOI was awesome at French playgroup, at the moment of snack she politely asked a little boy "Can I please wash my hands." The little boy gave her way to go to the sink. I was so proud of her I pointed out the good behaviour and how nice it was for the little boy to give way.
Friday was hot hot day, beautifully hot, summer was already here. I took the kids to the zoo, AOI had her first dentist appointment and she was very nice with the babysitter. At one point they sat on the deck blowing bubbles. My sweet girl’s properly blowing bubbles for the first time.

They were so enthralled they didn't notice me photographing them.



Saturday was another hot day. In the morning I went to the gym and then spent the rest of the day enjoying family time in our garden. Sunday I woke up around 5:30, I hoping to working a little on my computer so I sneaked into my office. I didn't work very long before TOI woke up followed by AOI. I don't know when I will be able to find the time to focus on my writing without beautiful distractions. In the meantime I try to wake up a little bit early to write and catch up on other personal stuff.

It started to rain in the evening.

We enjoyed…


at the zoo


toi feet

TOI week 21

baby feet


  1. He's getting so big! I too get up early for a bit of personal time. Sometimes I pass up my personal time for sleep but I do enjoy it when I make the time!

  2. oh your family!!!!! Always beautiful! We may end up in Canada before Halloween :)

  3. Faith Ansah Bayliss27 May 2014 at 20:01

    Warm sunny days are the best! Lovely images!

  4. Love warm days <3 Mr T is just so handsome! I want to hold him! Beautiful photographs

  5. ALEXANDRA BOOTHBY1 June 2014 at 16:54

    Thanks for shairing your heart.

    I have been inspired to share my journey with Huntington's

    Disease, I would be honored if you would follow my journey.



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