16 May 2014



When I look in the mirror I’m kinda alright, curves are at the right places and even the love handles are not too but. But I’m unfit and my BMI calculation said I’m overweight. But that will change sometime in the future – hopefully by December.

One and half months ago, at the playgroup, one my friends asked “Would you like to go to the gym with me?” It was a date. I was happy she asked me and more over the moon when she told me she had a free month membership pass for me.

I went to the gym after nearly two years without going. After I gave birth to AOI I didn’t go to the gym, I was worried that my milk would stop or something silly like that. So a year after I gave birth to my daughter I started to walk and do Billy’s Boot Camp workouts in the comfort of my home but never went into a class to burn more fat and gain more energy.

When we started going to the gym, me and my friend used the treadmill and never thought about the trying the classes – or at least I didn’t. We had a free one on one trainer session and the instructor told me I need to lose body fat, she was going to help me achieve that with workout designed for me. I was intrigue but due to time and finance I couldn’t commit to it. Then due to a different routine at home I didn’t manage to go to run on the treadmill some days. For this reason I tried hot yoga one day and it was awesome. I decided to go to more classes, like core/physique and stop running on the treadmill.

Four Wednesdays ago I went to a Group Blast workout class, a 60 minutes of step training to fix my cardio. I loved the music, especially the club songs by Enrique Iglesias – I wonder what he’s up to these days. Anyways, my head spun a little but by the time I was out of the gym I felt fitter, stronger and clear minded.

On the way home I thought that I may look like I’m fit but I’m not at all. But slowly, if I manage to look after what I eat, I will get to a fitter and healthy me. I will achieve that yummy mummy body I dream of.

Well, all this just to say that I’m enjoying going to the gym and unlike when I became a mother for the first time, this time I know that going to the gym doesn’t stop a mother from having breastmilk.

How do you keep fit?


  1. I'm thrilled that you are having fun at the gym because it really should be a source of happiness. You'll get exactly where you want to be so long as you keep moving forward and no matter what remember to be proud of your body along your fitness journey. Your body made two beautiful little miracles and carries you through your everyday life, because of that it's a wonderful and amazing body.

  2. YAY for getting your fitness on. I am hoping to start running and do some abs soon. I want to tighten things up a bit. I must say I am loving my post partum body this time around

  3. This was good to read. I'm due the first part of July and am looking forward to getting my body back! I like that you tried several different things. I'm gonna have to do that and find something I'm passionate about so I'll stick with it.


  4. going to the gym with a friend makes things easier, plus after awhile of constantly going, it becomes a habit and you don't think of it. I miss being fit, with my schedule i don't have much time for running, which is one of the few physical activities I love to do, the problem is it just takes up so much time, not just the actual running but the dealing with my unruly hair afterwards!

    I think with #2 I will take one of those mommy and me type fitness classes to get ball rolling.

    good luck with your fitness journey/road to health :)

    Emmett - Hippie Lace

  5. Working out is such a chore sometimes!! I hate to say it. I used to worry about fitting in x amount of days but now I have tried to just let go and work out consistently even if it is just one day a week or 2 or whatever. You have to start somewhere!! Then just keep going. : )

  6. Thank you for your lovely words, they make me happy :)

  7. This time aound I'm really taking care of my post partum body because the first time around I wasn't good to it

  8. Finding the best workout, something you really enjoy is the key for me and I wish all the luck in your new adventure :)

  9. I wear a scarf for to the gym because my hair is hard to manage every time so I find that a scarf keeps it tidy and I don't have to waste too much time doing my hair after a workout

  10. You're right, working out even one or twice a week make such a big difference. That's my aim lately, to just commit to Fridays and Saturdays and if I can add extra days then I will do so. Good luck with you working out journey ;)


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