19 Jun 2014

Hello Everyone

Misty Lake copy

Time really flies. I’ve haven’t been blogging for about days and it feels like forever. I miss my space on the blogsphere but I’m loving the absence of no blogging. My mind needs a break from blogging. Also lately I was getting too boring on the blog. Having visitors make my already hectic life even more hectic. 

But right now, for those who are not following me on Instagram, my family is doing a road trip with my in laws around Rockies of Canada. We are enjoying our time and the kids are doing great. The landscape is a superb and observing AOI enjoying nature is a bliss.

Until we return home and I find a new routine to our everyday life I want to share with you some photos from last year summer holidays in Europe.

In the meantime I’m updating our trip daily on my IG account. Stay tuned.


  1. what a wonderful trip! I'm sure you're seeing some absolutely beautiful places!

  2. I am now following you on IG and am inviting you to follow me back (reginaerickson) - it is where I am probably the most public about our private lives and would be glad to share it with you. Beautiful children, beautiful spirit.


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