12 Jun 2014

Our Everyday Life: Outdoorsy

my boyMe and my boy by the Mud Creek in Waskesiu

Week 23 of 2014 we spent lots of time doing outdoor activities.
Monday I slept well, good enough to wake up at 5:30 when the alarm went off. For the first time in ages I set my alarm to be able to work on personal stuff before toddler woke up at 6:03. We went to the children festival in town late morning and in the evening we went to the lake

Tuesday we went to the children festival and AOI wanted to sit in the library tent to listen to stories. It was difficult for her to leave her spot.

Wednesday I slept well until 6:00am, normally toddler waking hour. I would been our ordinary life but sweet toddler girl is still sleeping at 7:45am, baby boy spent time with grandparents and I caught up with emails, editing and sorting out some documents. 
Today was a nice day. I dance to sunshine pick me up playlist on songza. Grandparents went to the first nation museum and I organised my cutlery cupboard and then, supervised by me, AOI prepared ice lollies. Once grandparents got back We went for lunch in our favourite local deli. on our way back home it started to rain, we were walking so we got soaked by the rain. TOI was the only dry person. He was smiling once I took him out from the cover i had put on him.
We bought an ice cream for AOI. Once she finished her ice cream and i gave three options, read books downstair, or her room and go for a nap. She said no to all of them but I could tell she was going to be handful so I took her and TOI in my room to read to her. She brought a good selection of books, I read and fed TOI until he fell asleep. I was so tired I stopped reading after the third book and  tried to cuddle AOI to sleep but I fell asleep instead of her. I had about 40 minutes nap and my toddler nothing. TOI had two hours, he is teething so he was very fragile and needs mum’s cuddles more than ever. Though AOI didn’t nap, she was happy the whole afternoon, she had her occasional screams just for fun.  Until after dinner baby was happy. Daddy had to rock him with Green Day tune playing. Apparently little boy likes punk rock as his lullaby. He fell asleep at seven and  had another feed at 8:30pm and slept for the evening. Toddler didn’t want to sleep, by 9:25 I went to cuddle her she fell asleep five minutes later.

Some days were awkward. Thursday weather started nice, I went to the gym 6:25am my very first time early gym adventure. TOI had his 4th month vaccine, he was great and didn’t cry much. The weather started to be awkward from 10:30am sometimes cold, sometimes sunny, sometimes cloudy and rainy, a day for jackets. AOI didn’t have a nap and by 7pm she was in delirium stage. But still she didn't sleep until 8:00 because she wanted to watch a film The Fox and the Child, a nice film, I must note.

Friday We had a play date/dinner at our house. AOI is learning and doing very  well when it comes to sharing her toys with C. My daughter's friend is so sweet, she’s good at sharing and taking turns with the toys. She went to bed late and woke up at 7:30am, 9hours – not long enough but better than mine 4/5 hours per night.

Saturday, after breakfast we  went to the lake, not any ordinary lake but my happy place lake: Waskesiu. I don't know what my father in law saw few minutes after we arrived but he said "I'm impressed about this place. I'm definitely coming here again." We enjoyed some time helping AOI go on the swing and slide. She was in good spirit throughout the weekend. After dinner we went for a nature drive and we were greeted by a herd of elks, later on we saw a black bear. Sunday we checked out our cabin and whilst getting ready to leave the place a fox came to pay us respect, it stood few steps away from our car. After some pictures and he left we went hiking at Mud Creek after breakfast. Then spent some time on the beach.

the fox

child at the beach


at the lake



at the library tent

TOI at the lake

child and duck

daddy and daughter


the making of a cake


Hope your week 24 is going well, mine has been super busy.


  1. Looks like you all had a blast! Nothing like a weekend on the lake and enjoying nature.

  2. that first photo is perfection! love it!

  3. TOI - we are so similar, I am addicted to a busy life. Love the pics and the fact that you post so many awesome pics now (I know, I said that before but that's because I just really like it :))

  4. Aimee @ sewlottieda16 June 2014 at 07:33

    Wow! those skies, such great shots (as always :)) xx

  5. I love being outsides with the little ones. On the weekends we stay out there as much as possible. It wears him out, and it puts us all in a good mood. I love the photographs <3

  6. Great photos but also great shots of wonderful memories!


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