2 Jun 2014

Our Everyday Life: Rainbow

rainbow 1 copy21-05: and rainbow appeared on the horizon after a lovely warm day when on the streets oasis played tricks on our minds
Monday of week 22 we woke up to an unhappy toddler. I was worried the day was going to be made if screams from her part but it was not like that. She was jovial. TOI was a happy boy too, but as always when the toddler naps he's awake and when he naps the toddler wakes. In the evening the children paternal grandparents arrived their six weeks visit. As usual when I have visitors I work more in the house, this time I have to tidy up more because there are too many tea cups, crumps of bread and dirty buttered knives. Also, with them here I’m eating too many salted snacks. I need discipline for my wellbeing.
This week we had our last playgroup date – the local one. We showed grandmum our everyday activities. Friday I went to the gym and I left the children with grandparents. AOI cried a little but stopped and prepared cupcakes with grandmother. I ate too many of those cupcakes. I need discipline to not put on extra weight while my in-laws are here.
Saturday we went to lunch outside in a popular barn but their food is not great. They are excellent in preparing dessert. Sunday we went to church and there was a potluck so we stayed for lunch. After that we went to do our weekly food shopping at Costco, we’ve signed up. It was the first time for my father in law and he came out shocked because he realised for the first time our easy one person can lose another person in shop.
One night I went to bed at 10:40 hoping to catch up some sleep, but as always that plan didn’t succeed. I bolted my eyes open early the following day to find sweet AOI standing by my bed racoon in her arms. I don't know how she woke me up but I was awake. She complained about her wet clothes couple times. I went to change her but when it was time to put new clothes on started to whine. I was too tired to deal with it so I went back to bed. She followed me and after awhile she agreed to dress up. Then she wanted to go downstairs but I was very tired because I woke up at 4:25 to change TOI and it was 6:00 by the time my little girl was dressed and requested to go downstairs. I wasn't ready to go so her daddy took her down. I was so upset but when I turned to this face…
and my heart beams. I’m then reminded that my toddler had this blissful stage and my baby will reach the hard stage of toddlerhood too. It’s a reminder that the hard time will be always there but the easy and joyful moments are the ones to hold on tightly to. And I have to cherish the daily simple things that bring smiles.
passaggiowalking under blue skies and green vast fields
embracewitnessing the embrace of children at the moment of saying goodbye for the end of playgroup year
nonno e nipotiobserving grandfather giving directions to toddler to build her puzzle, while cuddling sleeping baby
tiny feetspying grandmother cuddling sleeping baby, while his tiny feet in orange socks stick out
frameenjoying in the beauty and chaos window frame, as it rains outside
berry barnsmiling as a toddler enjoys a moment of quiet on a tiny bench
for funa toddler exploring just for fun
viewlooking outside the window

clouds before the rainmarvelling at the clouds before the rain

rainfeeling romantic just because it rains
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