16 Jul 2014

Mr.T: 5 and 6 Months Letter Update

Oh sweet little boy,

happy 6th month birthday, my dear son.

me and my boy

Yesterday you turned 6 months, I really can’t believe the speed with which you’ve reached your half year mark. I look at you and I don’t remember my tiny, tiny boy, when your skin was loose and I was scared, like a first time mother, to break your delicate infant body. I don’t know how to bottle up your sweet babyhood, the only option is to snap as many pictures as I can.

Today you had your sixth month vaccination – just one shot. It worked as a sleeping pill. You had about one hour nap in your carseat in my office, while you’re sister was taking her afternoon nap in her pram. Anyways, at six months you weigh 7.9kg and long 66cm. You can crawl and you have two teeth.

On June 15th you did your first road trip. You were great, didn’t cry much. I didn’t have many toys for your because having your dummy and Sophie was enough to sooth you. When you really wanted to sleep I would stretch my hand to your cheek and give you a very tiny finger strokes. That sooth you like magic. You started to go on all four while were in Lake Louise – June 19th.

TOI week 27 crawlingAnd just like that, one bright July afternoon you decide to crawl like a baby tiger on a mission. since then you haven’t stopped moving and getting my attention. you practically go every where possible. under the dining table, chewing the straps of your sister’s booster chair {turn high chair for your on some occasions} – not very hygienic. Your sister tells you it’s not very clean of course she forgets that she did just that at your age. Funny how we all grow more wiser and fearful. 

On Canada we tried our new family tent in the backyard and on Saturday July 12th, we went to Fort Carlton to camp. It was an experience.

127-148 days-horzweeks 17-20

Having an open plan is very good, because easy spot you around the main floor. Both you and your sister are good to play alone but when I place you on the play mat you try to eat the toys, or to lick my crocs which I use in the garden; sometimes your sister tries to correct you or, if she can’t stop you, she calls me to come help out. Sometimes you listen, other times you look at us and pretend you don’t understand.

crawlingOther times you leave what you are doing crawl to another toy or simply lifts your arms off the floor, that’s your saying pick me up. if you want to go back down you lunge, in this case i have to be extra careful. I have to be more vigilant having two kids. it is proving difficult to multitask, like having time to write or even doing simple house chores. I’m trying my best to find balance in all my daily duties, so I’m not too harsh on myself if by the end of the day I haven’t done everything I planned to do.. 

You are fast and curious, always moving if you are not feeding {even when feeding, you stop mid-feed to curious around or check out the voice or a noise that interrupts you} or sleeping, or sitting in my arms. Just like with your sister, I love to witness your curiosity. I wish you keep it forever, always explore and question, because in my opinion QUESTION is KNOWLEDGE, KNOWLEDGE is POWER.

162-182 days-horzweek 21-24

Unlike most children, you didn’t have fever or any sign of discomfort during your teeth cutting. Maybe those times that I couldn’t put you down for a second, were your natural way to sooth yourself and boost your immune system while the teeth were coming through.

You are fun to be around with. I can’t imagine our lives without you. you’re sister loves you so much, everyday you cry she calls for me to come and pick you. if I’m doing something and I can’t pick you straight away she brings you a toy and tells you “Don’t cry T, I’m hear for you.”  sometimes you tuck your chin into the chest and give out a shy smile, it’s the cutest thing ever. But your belly laughs are the best. They make me laugh – when you see me laughing you laugh more and i laugh more; it is pure happiness. the smiles you reward me every day are priceless and heart fulfilling.

You’ve tried pureed peas, carrots and spinach. You like them all. You want to sit at the table with us so daddy is going to bring out the baby high chair he built for your sister when she was your age. It will be fun to have you sitting on your chair during meal time.

You have your own rough bedtime routine. You take a sink bath or sometimes you dip into the water of your sister’s bath. She takes upon herself to wash your head. I then read a little cardboard book to you. You listen to a lullaby on songza while I feed you.

5 months

You also have a rough night sleep pattern. Normally you fall asleep while feeding around 20:00 or 20:30 and sleep for about two and half hours. When you wake up you want a change and a feed then you sleep until 2:30am. Daddy normally picks you from your crib and give you to me. You then sleep next to us until 4:30, at this point you want to change or most importantly feed until we both fall asleep. You sleep again until 6:30am or 7:00am, circa because sometimes you want a little bit more after that feed.


Some mornings you wake up before me and just lies there watching and grinning at me. When I fight to open my eyes because I’m too sleepy, you big brown eyes and sweet smile becomes my antidote against my tired body. I feel so blessed and in love with my life.

Tonight you fell asleep even before 20:00, you didn’t sleep well in the afternoon. One funny thing is that you and your sister take turns in staying awake. When you sleep she awake and when you’re awake she’s sleeping but there some ten minutes window in which you both fall asleep. In that moment I can sit still to recharge.

6 months

You’re such a cute, sweet and smart baby. I love you so much.

Daddy calls you mummy’s boy. I love to have my mummy’s boy, because your sister is mummy’s girl. You two are my all, my soul. You both give me so much conditional love and I feel blessed to have you both as my son and daughter, thank you so much for choosing me as your mother.

All my love,



  1. Oh wow...just look at the difference between week 20 and 21! What a handsome boy!

  2. happy six months, it seems like yesterday that you were just posting about his birth!


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