10 Jul 2014

Our Everyday Life: Canadian Wildlife Road Trip

into the lakeI’ve been back from our holidays for two weeks. We came back away from Rockies’ beautiful deep aquamarine lakes and their mind blowing mountains.

I was refuel, ready to work on simplifying my life and achieving more with the remaining months of 2014 but tiredness took hold of me and I’ve been doing very little but I’m okay with because just like a swimmer I dive into deep water, come out and breath a little and then go back into the depth of the waters once again.

But if you follow me on IG, then I never left – maybe just the few occasional long hours of absence because maybe I was in the woods or by a lake. Some photos may look familiar but in higher resolution. If you are reading this entry then you’ll get the backstage saga I say.

Or maybe nobody is reading this update and I’m just writing for the older me and children. So this is going to be a long entry.

drumheller dino

Week 25 and 26 we were on our Canadian Rockies Road Trip.

Morning of day two we had a big breakfast at Super 8 motel, hoping not to have lunch, but it didn’t happen because we still ate by Canmore information centre off the highway. After breakfast we went to the giant dinosaur and for only two dollars I climbed to the top with my girl.

the belly of the dinosaurin the mouth of a dinosaurthe city of dino

living sky

We then drove all the way to Canmore without stopping very much. The children were passengers. When travelling in the car AOI doesn't need much entertainment just some books, Peppa Pig show and The Jungle Book film on the iPad. Also having her snack at hand was handy. She didn’t complained, and TOI apart from tired cries during the journey, he slept from Drumheller to Harmlet of Harvie Heights {Canmore}.

granmother and granddaughter

That evening we stayed at the Inn of the Rockies Resorts. Surrounded by atmospheric mountain tops. We settled in fine, made the place a home away from home for the next four days.

rockies trip


We woke up one early morning and drove around Kananaskis Parwark. We were welcomed by beautiful mirror like lakes. Wild tall mountains and mooses in ponds eating lily roots.

flowerbanff june 2014

rockies trip 1Other days our toddler had dirty clothes, dirty feet and late naps, three things that are not allowed at home but we tolerate on holiday. We found a lovely spot in Corral Creek for picnic and relaxing time and letting toddler wild and free. My heart swell to see my daughter enjoying nature.

lake louiseLake Louise ResortgondolaThird stop of our holiday was Lake Louise, we spent three days in there visiting the main attractions. We went on the gondola tour of the mountain. Had lunch in the Lake Louise mountain resort. In the afternoon, after lunch we rested. Then in the evenings we went to nearby lakes such as Moraine Lake.

Moraine Lakeme and my boyriver

Fourth stop was Jasper, in the wilderness of the Rockies, with no network service. It took us only ten minutes into the journey to Jasper to lose Internet connection. But in these are the landscapes we saw along the route. Once back in Jasper my network started to work again but I wasn’t on my phone most hours, we were out exploring a lot.
Hubby and I went for walks while grandparents looked after the sleeping children. We talked about parenting and how to bring up children to be responsive to their own feeling.

my sleeping children {captured on 21-06}

The best part of my weekend on the road came when: 1. my sweethearts fell asleep around the same time on Saturday night 2. after Sunday lunch I went down for a nap cuddled up to my adorable son - I allowed the invisible task wait in vain.

nature childMeanwhile my awesome daughter, supervised by helpful daddy, enjoyed playing in the dirt by the river. The sound of an afternoon bath peacefully woke me up. I felt blessed beyond measure! 

river athabascaby river athabascachildhood game

The second Monday morning of our road trip, after breakfast, we went for a walk on a trail near river Athabasca. Got home cheerful and I prepared fried rice for lunch. After my husband washing the dishes, we didn’t the time to digest in full that the head of our group decided we should go to Maligne Lake.

father and daughterchildhood memory

I curled my face and pulled my lips together like a frustrated woodpecker. My children fell asleep. The head of our group started to doze off, "Are you tired?" his wife asked her son, my husband. "Yes." He answered with heavy eye lid. "We should a rest at home, especially after lunch during the peak of the sun." I complained and dozed off.

When we got there we were all so tired we had to snooze in our parked car for some time, until baby TOI started crying. While I fed him, my husband and his dad went in search of a spot along the lake. Some minutes later AOI woke up. We all made our way to the lake. Once we got there the head of the group wanted go on for a walk. I simply said "I'm sitting on this rock."


After resting a little we went for a walk and the picturesque landscape restored my mood.

into naturethe child and the squirrel

Tuesday, after breakfast and a visit from our resident squirrel, we went for a long walk in the forest. Whilst there people told us they’ve seen a bear up ahead, but we didn’t see any bear.

However, the cinnamon black bear came to say good bye on our last morning. It laid in the grass waiting for the late sleepers, because then my family woke up late unlike the older generation. They were the ones to come back from their morning walk with a snap of the bear enjoying a little sun 500 meters away from our cabin.

Retracing our journey back towards home, at the foot of Columbia Icefield, we saw two Rocky Mountain sheep. Then a little further on the Bow Valley Road we saw another family of Rocky Mountain


We arrived in Canmore in our posh apartment and the relaxing time began. But I washed all our dirty clothes so that once back home I didn’t have to that.

Grandparents took they flight back to Britain on Thursday. We stayed the night in Drumheller and then Friday we drove home. Back into civilisation, made of unlimited internet, afternoons filled with old music and uninterrupted toddler playtime. To unlimited cleaning and tidying up. Sunday I was invited to read multiculturalism event. I felt honoured, and though my laziness wanted me to just sit down and chill all the time I enjoyed exploring.

More pictures from the trip.

toddler wearingToddler mini-adventurer

dinnerSunday BBQ for lunch

mother and daughterMe and my girl by Pyramid Lake, Pyramid Island, Jasper

giraffeThursday, after we drove the grandparents to the airport, we spent the rest of the day in Calgary and went to the zoo

pink loveI saw this beautiful couple by the road near Pine Bungalows, we stayed

loveSunset silhouette


  1. BEAUTIFUL pictures. I swear I would get a passport and take a trip there just to take pictures of the mountains blue lake ! I'm glad you had a nice time <3. And it's okay to rest :) I think sometimes we need a "vacation" from our vacations ;)

  2. those scenery pictures are stunning! the mountains are just amazing!

  3. Wow, your photos are beautiful! I especially love that very first one. And your kids are so adorable!!

  4. thank you so much Tracey

  5. I'm in love with that place. I call it my expensive happy place :)

  6. I know right. When we're on holiday we do so much that we come back home more stressed, lol. I like to chill on holiday

  7. I forgot our extraordinarily beautiful my homeland is...the pictures are just so beautiful...all of them frameable. The last picture is priceless! Glad the whole family had fun!


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