4 Jul 2014

Our Everyday Life: Getting Ready

sleepy TOI

This is the update of our week 24, the week before going on our Rocky Mountain road trip. Lately life is so hectic I can’t even go to the ladies without feeling like I’m wasting time.

Anyways, during week  24 we were busy getting ourselves ready for the big trip.

We started the week on the right note. Monday morning I woke up to a toddler cuddled on the edge of our bed next to her little brother. In afternoon we went to the museum and then the art gallery.
AOI says no whenever someone tells her to stop doing something. At one point I heard her grandmother saying "It's naughty to always say no when an adult tell you something."

"I'm naughty."she said and just carried on doing whatever she was doing. Since the grandparents have been here she is hearing many words I think she's too little to hear too much. One day while driving I asked my mother in law to make a phone AMI for me. She was having a hard time finding the contact details on the phone so she said in frustration “Oh, I hate myself, I'm so stupid, I can't use technology.” I had to tell her right there that I don't want AOI to learn things like that.

Tuesday we went to French playgroup, AOI was so adorable to a little guy. He wanted a cookie but it was finished so she took couple of sliced cucumbers and offered them to him.
AMI and I went on a movie date to watch The Grand hotel of Budapest by Wes Anderson.

Wednesday we went to the spray park twice, in the morning with grandmother and in the afternoon with another mother and her children

spray park

The whole day whilst at home TOI wanted to feed all the time. Thursday we had another morning at the spray park joined by other friends. AOI was more confident and didn't want me to be by her side all the time.
This week, around 10am everyday AOI would start crying and making a scene. On Friday while I was at spray park with my friend she pointed out that maybe AOI wants to snack around that time. Also on this day TOI tried pureed peas for the first time, he like it.

I went to a writer's workshop organised by my group. It was wonderful. Also this weekend the kids were awesome. AOI was nice and polite to everyone. At one point I heard her thank her grandmother after she helped her with something. Sunday we started our summer holidays. The first stop was Drumheller. The journey was smooth, we just stopped twice, one for a coffee break for daddy driver and then another stop for TOI's feed and rest room for AOI. We went to the museum of the fossil and AOI was impressed b the giant dinosaurs. Once in the hotel we went to the swimming pool and spent hour and half hours just enjoying our time together. This weekend AOI was such a wonderful kid. TOI loves seeing her smile and he smiles too.




AOI and grandmom

book making

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