4 Sep 2014

Fort Carlton 2014

fort carlton 19fort carlton 20fort carlton 01Part of this summer we went to the Rockies but most of summer 2014 was spent exploring Saskatchewan. One weekend husband drove us to Fort Carlton.

When my husband told me we were going to Fort Carlton I registered in my mind that we were going to the lake, but minutes before our destination I found out that we were going on a Saskatchewan historical tour. We camped at the campground of the fort under the cold starless night sky.

fort carlton 23

In the morning, outside the fort extensive canola fields adorned the place. It contrasted with the blue of the sky and I felt blessed to be surrounded by such beautiful. My toddler run wild and free and by the time of the tour she was tired, but managed to stay awake to tour the site.

Inside the fort we stepped into history.

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  1. I'm loving the new blog redesign! Fort Carlton definitely looks like a great place to visit. I'm putting it on our list of places to check out as a family.


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