1 Sep 2014

Hello, hello there

toi and children web

Well, hello hello there indeed! Hello September I hope you’re treating everyone good already.

It feels like I’ve been gone for years and not only 31days.

Why I took off the whole month of August?

Well, initially I wanted to take off only two weeks but each time I had to set a date for my return I found myself postponing it. So in the end August went by without a blog post.

I enjoyed stepping away from the ‘limelight’ to focus on some personal projects and to catch up with my loyal bloggers, to put words in action. I enjoyed every second of break but I sure missed this little community of mine.

My online space is an extension of my offline space therefore all the changes that happen in my life is reflected on my blog.

Right now I'm in process of reclaiming part of myself that I thought didn't exist anymore. My love for visual arts namely photography is entering more and more in my life journey. The photographer within me has been at work while I was away.

I wanted to come back with a BANG! And the only way to do so was investing in a professional blog design.  I feel like this new design talks volumes about how I feel right now.

Also it’s been long since I've invested in a professional blog design , so I went for it – thanks to my mother for the loan.

I have some exciting news I can’t wait to share with you all.

May September be full of joyful events.


  1. Welcome back :) I love the redesign <3

  2. glad to see you're back! love the new look!

  3. Your diligence paid off. Beautiful (you and the blog)!

  4. Welcome back, we missed you. That is such a beautiful pic of you and the kids. I love that Mr. T is trying to eat you :).


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