4 Sep 2014

Mr T.: 7 Months

toi fashionableI can’t believe how time is flying. I look at your pint size body and I can’t wrap my head around the fact that your are standing up with help of chairs, my leg or sofas. You so aware now that you start crying if I leave you sitting alone for a second. The other day I went upstairs for a second and when you noticed that you started climbing the stairs. I came back to find you on the first step.

theodora ofosuhima toi baby

You’re crawling on all four and since then you look bigger but you still my little cutie pie. Having a toddler for a sister makes you tough, she is always taking toys off your hands. Sometimes you cry and she then finds something else to replace the toy she took of you. You love her so much, I can tell because whenever you see her you beam, and you laugh when she makes funny faces to try to steal a smile from you. You don’t mind when she takes you like a sack of potatoes from one point to the other, because she is worried you might take her toy.

sister and brother

You’re such a determined little boy, if you want something you crawl to it and don’t back out until you got it. If you are not happy about something either you throw it on the floor or you wave your hands at it. For instance if you’re down eating and want mummy’s latte, you spit the food out and curl your nose, rub your eyes and wave your hand at the food. As soon as I take you from your high chair you lie in my arms ready to feed.

You’re such a cute funny little guy. I wonder if you’re going to be a little stubborn boy.

theodora ofosuhima toi baby

During your sixth and seventh month since birth you did many road trips and slept in the cold tent. You didn’t seem to mind it at all.


These are your daily/weekly/monthly photo updatetoi baby 27-28 weekstoi 7 months

I love you so, sooo much.


  1. I just LOVE him. He is so cute, it's almost unbearable. It is amazing how fast time goes, and how quickly they learn to do things like crawl and pull themselves up. I loved this line, "Having a toddler for a sister makes you tough, she is always taking toys off your hands" <-- LOL!
    & I can attest to the fact that little boys are stubborn and adamant about things they want to get their paws on ;)

  2. look at him! so precious! I can't believe how big he's gotten!

  3. Happy 7 months Mr. T, where is time going. Such a handsome boy.


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