26 Sep 2014

Our Everyday Life: Autumn Different Perspective

theodora ofosuhima autumn bush

Week 38 started with a bang because I went to the gym at 5:45am, most mornings. I wrote without worrying about the goodness of the words and sentences on the blank page. I went to a friend's book launch. At the launch my friend introduced  me to a professional photographer. A photographer I was aware of and wanted to contact but I was scared to. She was so nice to me. Now we will a coffee today one day. Who knows when but just talking to her hearing her say that taking photography to a professional path was a great choice is encouraging. I don’t know where my photography will take me but I will try and give my best to it.
The weather was gorgeous on Tuesday, lovely sunny day. We went back to French playgroup and this time AOI cried because she didn't want to come back home. She was very tired and fell asleep in the car. Afternoon, we went to swim lesson and once back home AOI had an ice-cream. I love going to swim lesson because it’s my and my daughters alone time. I feel like she needs more alone time with me.

When she laughs a whole bright new world opens up. Her laughter is contagious she should smile more often.

Wednesday I was the teacher’s helper. On Monday my daughter cried for me so I was hoping that having me there she was going to be happy. But she cried and made more scene than even when I’m not there. I felt sad when she refused to join in the activities and wanted to leave the classroom. I was sad to see that she was the only one crying during snack time and throwing a tantrum. I was sweating and anyone could tell my frustration. The little children asked me why she was behaving like that “She’s tired and doesn’t want to snack.” In the end I managed to calm her down and make her have snack, but I wanted to cry so much. But by the end of the preschool day I was happy to take my daughter back to the sanctuary of our home.

She made me laugh when I saw her taking her daddy’s trainers, open the back door and putting them on the deck. In that action I saw myself, too much because that's something I do at times when he leaves his trainers in the middle of the room and I always trip on them. My daughter tripped on them on this particular day that's why they ended outside on the deck.

Friday afternoon,as soon as we got to her school and I was getting her indoor shoes on she told me “That's the boy who bang a hammer on my head." I was glad my daughter has the words and memory to recollect the harm people do to her. I told her teacher what my daughter told me. She called the boy and told him not to do it again and to be nice to AOI. I left her at preschool a little emotional like the first day I took her day. I wondered if all the kids are nice and kind to her. Even before going to drop her something told me to let her stay home but I also knew that she had to be at school because it's good for both of us. Yet, still the feeling that maybe she is too little for preschool never leaves.


Saturday I had a lifestyle photo-shoot after breakfast. It was so much fun for me and my couple because the gentleman told me that it felt like going for a message. I let them lie on a blanket under their garden tree, they are two busy couple so taking a time to chill can be hard so I was happy through my photography they got to take it a bit easy on that day.

In the afternoon we went to the swimming pool as a family and my friend and her daughter joined us. By the time we had to go home baby TOI was tired tired, he fell asleep and slept until dinner time.

After swimming I went to shoot a family. I really enjoy being able to spend time with my family and also include photography.

Sunday I was one of the official photographers at Word on The Street in our city. I took different approach at photographing a big crowd. word on the street

I hope they like they way the photos as much as I do.

During the week among the new routines, we had time to

theodora ofosuhima aoi and mummy feet paint mine and my daughter’s toes for the first time.

theodora ofosuhima aoi and toiwatch my children play and giggle

theodora ofosuhima aoitheodora ofosuhima toi by the windowtheodora ofosuhima toi under chairstheodora ofosuhima toisnap photos from a different perspective

Our week 38 was good all in all hope yours was too. Enjoy your weekend


  1. Well unfortunately no matter what preschool or daycare your child goes to a kid will always lash out. Dominic tells me about a kid who is forever biting other kids when he doesn't get his way (it also takes everything in me not to punch that kid in the face, LOL) . He's also been pushed and knocked down. On the flipside I've gotten reports where Dominic was hitting some kid in the head with a toy too... HEAVY SIGH. Being 3 is tough, but the good news is they usually get along a few minutes later and easily forgive. Dominic is a big tantrumy mess too when he's overly tired and has had enough. Hang in there.

    Beautiful photographs. I can't believe how big your son is ALREADY! Look at him getting into EVERYTHING. That stage is nerve racking and adorable all at the same time.

  2. Thank you friend. I know I'm not the only one to have this going so hearing and reading about it calms me a bit


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