8 Sep 2014

Our Everyday Life: Different Hues

aoi fun timetheodora ofosuhima fun timeWeek 36 was championed by new routines and some in-between fun time.

Labour Monday was a lazy one. We went to an indoor amusement park with another family and I had fun as if I was kid once again. My daughter was not worried to encourage her mother and father to follow her in the tube slides. It's so nice to have this stage in children's life where they’re more than happy to have their parents tag along for the fun. They're not embarrassed by our presence.

I went to AOI's first preschool meeting. I felt like a teenager among many mothers. I really don't feel my 30+ of age. It feels like I'm playing at being a mother, I really can't envisage myself as a mother. Well, until I look at myself in the mirror then I can tell.

I met with other Writers for a reading and a potluck. We were lucky to have our dear friend RD, the author of Are You Ready to Be Lucky? It’s such an honour to brush shoulders with nice people whom love writing as much as I do.

Friday 05-09, AOI started preschool. I cried as I forced myself out of her classroom. I cried when I had to pull out from the parking lot to drive home {you can read more here if you care to know how I felt}. Daddy took part of his lunch to come take our little girl to class for the first time.


Once back home and I settled down my sad state, I played with baby boy lifting him up like a plane. Now, I can play and dedicate extra time to him. 



There was a street fair in town and many people were dressed up warm. But the sun turn out for the feast. The first thing we did was buying ourselves Booster Juice smoothies. We couldn’t believe our luck when the rest of the weekend turned out to be summer again. Saturday morning I took the children to the fair while AMI worked a little. We went on mega slides, bouncy castles and pony rides. All FREE, I love free things!

AMI came to pick us and went to buy us lunch from Tim Hortons. In the afternoon we all when out in  a nearby park.  While I did a photoshoot, the children stayed with daddy at the playground. After my shoot we stayed a little and then cycled home. I prepared conchiglie and tuner pepper melt. It was yummy {recipe will come sometime before the end of the year}.

After we’ve organised the a house a little, bathed the children and had baby boy in his cot and daddy ready a night story to toddler, I went into my office to find the sun setting. The sky was purple. I crabbed my camera fumble something to AMI and drove to a spot along the river to capture the beautiful hues of the sun setting.

the sky is on fire

Sunday, after a very long absence, we returned to church. The priest’s wife asked me to become the official Sunday school photographer. Ahhh, that’s a great task. I’m going to try my best and capture lovely pictures.

Few more stills from our week

aoi at fun factory wfuntimea room with a viewOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         t


  1. I remember that first day of preschool. Pookah always just waves bye while i'm left feeling like my heart is torn out. It gets easier Momma!

  2. great pics! we're probably going to start Elyse in preschool next year and I'm already dreading it! ha!

  3. Love the pictures. The look so vibrant and tell a good story!


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