2 Sep 2014

Our Everyday Life: When I Was Gone

aoi and toi summer1

My toddler and baby could eat a whole watermelon between themselves.

Between week 30-35 we had wonderful picnics in the garden, some days were made for playing indoors to stay away from the hot sun. During children nap and I had fun photographing them asleep.

I  sat on the floor with my toddler, playing train conductor and passenger. Her train was always on repair, I could a lot before the journey started. Most days I left everything for later and just had her have me and her brother playing with her. When she fell asleep I completed some tasks as baby slept in his sling. Most nights I crashed in my bed at 9pm.

Other days we met with friends at the paddling pool.

One night both children ended up in our bed. The two siblings decided that it was fun to play peekaboo at 3am. While we were too tired parents they giggled and baby boy was so excited to have his sister near that he wouldn't sleep until she fell asleep.
We went to the fair in town more than once, I was destroyed by the time we got back home each time.

During my absence we met new friends. We were offered free breakfast at the Sheraton hotel, courtesy of the War Amp Champ #TheWarAmps – it’s an organisation that supports people with limb amputations. There was a parade in town and they invited us. We were so grateful for the work they do. They also invited us to Manitoba, with all expenses paid.

I started offering shooting portraits for my friends. I have my calendar full until October.

My husband listened to Motown music with our children, they are going to have awesome music taste.

My toddler started asking me to go back to playgroup. This year she is going to enjoy it even more because she’s more aware of what is going on.

Thanks to my photography I went to an hamlet in Saskatchewan that I wouldn’t have never go. I had the pleasure to capture a lifestyle portrait of my friend and her daughter surrounded by gorgeous  prairie field in this lovely hamlet where my friend’s mother was born. I also did an urban e-session. Shot more photos of families and my own sweet little family.

The rest of my absence was spent enjoying the little things in life. Like going to the spray park fully clothed. As a pro-mamma I know so I pack extra dry clothes.
Drove around town in search for shooting locations. I was bold and went to ask for a location, like a farm, or the off limit part of our local western development museum. I'm telling you, this photography journey is taking me to places and making my bold attitude resurface. 

Friday 29th August we took AOI to meet and greet her preschool teacher. She was the most adorable kid. Polite and attentive. It was just her but she enjoyed knowing where she will be going three days a week for two hours without mummy.

More stills of what we enjoyed

aoi and toi summer

laughing at a baby who really loves watermelon he doesn’t care how much is left to chew on, as the golden light of later summer afternoon beamed on us

aoi toddler fashioncapturing a toddler dressing herself in a fashionable car onesie, her brother’s and her stripy pj trousers. That’s her favourite outfit.

aoi and toi playtimeLittle baby boy is getting used to having a toddler as a big sister

aoi and toi webSisterly love

aoi at target

toi at targetShopping at target for toddler’s preschool outfitsaoi and toi one morningSome mornings are made for that

aoi and toi chillingSome afternoons are made for chilling after picking and eating many raspberries at a friend’s house

aoi flying girlcapturing a flying toddler 

healthy smoothieSmoothies are not always yummy

toi at the parkaoi at the partEnjoying swings at the park

at the fairthe height of this ride at the fair

pot garden tomatoes harvesttomatoes harvestharvesting cherry tomatoes for many meals

aoi contructionsconstructions on the dining table during snack time

toi explorationsbaby’s deck explorations

backyard picniccatching a toddler enjoying a huge bowl of popcorn

 OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA         observing my lovely children enjoying the simplicity of a summer afternoon in the backyard


  1. Garden fresh produce is my favorite (just throwing that out there). It really does taste a million times better then store bought produce.

    I loved these pictures, I love the description of your summer, it makes me nostalgic for my childhood summers. It makes me nostalgic for 2 years ago when I was home with Dominic and we could spend our days at the pool or checking out new parks. The past couple years have been marked with moving, and 2 pool trips max :\ . I'm determined to make various seasons more purposeful instead of work-home, work- home, work-home.

  2. I LOVE the new look of your blog!!! And your pictures are fabulous, as always. My favorite is of your two babies on the hammock. And you look fabulous in your about me picture. Glad to see everything is going well!

  3. I am SO glad you've come back and shown us your beautiful perspective.


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