9 Sep 2014

Through My Daughter’s Lens

I remember when my daughter was a tiny little baby, I used to position my camera at her level to snap pictures from her point of view. I have some hilarious ones but I will spare internet. Last year she started to ask for my camera to take some photos. I allowed her, always with close supervision, to snap some photos.

When I bought my Canon 6D, January 2014, I told her that the Olympus is for her to take pictures with. Lately she’s been asking me photo take pictures.

Friday 25th July, while we were in my office she said “Mummy, can I take a picture of you? Then you can take a picture of me.” I was so happy “Of course.” She took her camera from one of the desks in my office and snapped. I told her how to hold up high so she can see better when she’s taking a picture of tall people. She took few more of me holding baby TOI. She then shifted her attention to most important things. Like these


In the afternoon, she grabbed the camera again and she started to snap away. She knows how to turn the camera on and off.

She was standing and lifting the camera up to snap a picture of me. So I suggested “You can carefully stand up a chair to do that.” This is how I look through my daughter’s lens on Friday 25th July.


With all my flaws, but I’m laughing so hard because in that moment she says “This is a good light.” She’s my mini me, she really imitates whatever I do, it’s so sweet to be part of her journey. More than ever I want to be the best mother and person I can be to set good example to my children.


  1. What a beautiful photo! Love that you are passing on your favorite hobbies to your precious girl! so fun to do things we love with them!

  2. Awww...don't you just love when kids imitate what you do? I think it is the highest form of flattery! Go AOI!

  3. Love her pictures! A photographer in the making. How cute is it that she appreciates the natural light?!


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