16 Oct 2014

Mr.T: 8 and 9 Months


theodora ofosuhima toi autumn

Dear my dearest, sweetest son,

15th October and you are already nine months old. I’m finding it hard not to wish time could stop. I get emotional when I realise that you’re growing too fast.

That tiny fragile baby we held in our arms in January is farsighted. You’re a strong baby boy. You crawl with decision as if you are a little boy who lifts weights on a mission. you pull yourself up, kiss cabinets, fuss when you are sleepy, and demands our attention when you want to play.

I love to see your smile, beaming in the room. Your giggles switch the light of love in my heart. I like to see your little personality springing out. you are shy when you see a new person but you warm to smiley faces but still prefer to be glued to mummy or daddy. you’re such a lovely little boy. i pray you meet nice people in your life whom will make you happy always. As daddy would put it “He is a delightful little boy,”

I love giving you many kisses and hug you tight. I LOVE that you hug me back very tight around the neck so tight that if I let you go you wouldn’t fall. Yet, I don’t mind watching you grow so because with each passing day my love for you multiplies and i want you to reach the next milestone. you reach your milestones effortlessly.

IMG_0683 crawling baby

For some time now you’re trying to stand up without holding yourself for support. Sometimes you stand without support for a fraction of a second but as soon as you realise that you’re not holding up to something you sit down.

Today you stood by the door that leads outside from the kitchen slapping the glass as if you wanted to go outside. you don’t like going in the carseat or the chariot but you love being in my arms and being outside. The weather is changing so I don’t like to stand in the cold with you for too long. So far you don’t have any favourite cartoon show. you like clapping and watch whatever your sister is watching on the iPad. You’re already intrigued by anything tablet, iPad or iPhone.

You are a little boy with passion for adventure. These days you are exploring, you’ve been trying to unloading the dishwasher without success. One of your favourite activity is to crawl/stand with a sock held tight with your four teeth. You haven’t climbed the dishwasher yet, but you can climb the stairs but you always look back and starts crying when you see the height you are at. I’ve started child proofing the house by moving bookshelves. Now we don’t have any more book cases in the living room.

Sometimes you like to blow bubble on my belly and laugh, don’t even know where you learned that. That reminds me of me when I was little I used to do that to my granny, but I was about four.

You have some kind of sleeping pattern; you normally go to bed between 8:00/8:30pm. you wake up one twice in the night, then sleep again until 5:30-6:00am. after breakfast you crawl/play around the living area for time the have a nap at around 9:30am for about one hour and then you have another nap after lunch around 1:30pm.

“I could stay awake just to watch you breathing”

I Don't Want to Miss a Thing by Aerosmith on Grooveshark

Well I did that on the first of October, while I watched the Voice, you breathing not so softly on my chest – you sometimes have a baby snore.

I thought of you as a teeny tiny baby and I your cute soft cheeks are still the same, you are a bit grown but I like to imagine my teeny tiny baby behind that strong 9 months old baby.

You are very friendly and affectionate with  people little children – you like pulling hair, touching noses, eye and giving kisses. You like to give your sister kisses and you really admire sister so much. She is getting into the habit of sharing her toys with you. It’s so sweet to see you two playing next to each other.

theodora ofosuhima autumn

You love the food we eat such as rice, porridge, grapes, cherry tomatoes, cheese, bread, carrots and cucumber. You’re eating food that a toddler would eat, when I give you grapes you bite them with your four teeth, two top and two bottom. You’re the cutes vision with them. You go mad for yogurt. you enjoy drinking from a cup, I am happy to know that you are happy.

You always wake up with a smile and i love the sun you give to our days. I pray you will keep that sunshine within yourself forever, i pray Almighty will surround you with thoughtful and loving people whom will love you and share their happiness with you and i pray you will live life to it fullest by enjoying what it has to offer.

I love so much and I will tell you every day till my last breath.

live and shine!

All my love,



  1. Gosh, 9 months already, how amazing. He looks so healthy and happy, what more can we ask. Happy 9 months baby T

  2. Time has flown by, it seems. Your kiddos are so precious.

  3. it's amazing how quickly the time goes by and before you know it your baby isn't a baby any more. time really is accelerated when you have kids! happy 9 months baby T :)

  4. i can't believe how time is flying...he is too adorable!


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