6 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: The Big Calm

theodora ofosuhima autumn trees

Week 40 I just felt at peace once again..

On Monday morning my heart jumped for the realization that my life is changing. For what reason I don't know I just felt like something big is going to change and I can't put my finger on it. Maybe it's just the change of season. Autumn brings my most romantic side. Spending quality yet simple time with my family fills me with most uber joy.

On the other hand AMI was swamped with work. Poor guy had to work night and day. Though he was very busy he never stopped looking after the children when he was home.

Toddler was content at preschool and that made us very happy. My daughter was excited to get ready for school. She loves her hair down but likes to dress like a nerd – I love that style.

theodora ofosuhima aoi style

Another afternoon she went through our winter gear, wore her snow googles, she turned to me and said “I’m so stylish”. She was so much into dressing herself and choosing her outfits this week. She pretended I was Mrs T, her teacher. Getting her ready for school was so easy, she really loves going to preschool. Moving from the afternoon to morning was just a great option.

Little boy is getting busy, going everywhere in the house an d trying to pull everything. Like the lamp plug. I have to be extra careful when he is near the bookcase, I don’t want him to pull it down.

theodora ofosuhima

I fear going food shopping alone because I don't know how handle that with two kids but I did it this week. I've been before but the last experience, having two wailing kids, put me off trying food shopping again. I managed to shop with a smiling toddler and baby. In Canada children gets cookies at the bakery at the supermarket. The lady gave us two cookies so I ate the other one.


Saturday morning was raining but I took the children to the story time at the library. It was wonderful to be back in the library and see AOI enjoying the stories of the morning. In the afternoon I had a photo shoot. The weather was warm and perfect for a photo shoot. The location was filled with other photographers.

Sunday we went to church but the children were in noisy state so we went to the nursery. That reminded me of when were nearly parents with AOI. The rest of Sunday was spent at home and then a walk in the sunny autumn light.

Some stills from the week. I’m loving all the many aspects of the autumn light

theodora ofosuhima aoi school daytheodora ofosuhima autumntheodora ofosuhima aoitheodora ofosuhima toi autumntheodora ofosuhima aoi feettheodora ofosuhima toitheodora ofosuhima motherhood


  1. as usual, beautiful photos! we are most likely sending Elyse to preschool next fall and a morning time would be the only option for us. Elyse LOVES her sleep too much and I don't see that changing anytime soon!

    1. I definitely agree that for a toddler still napping mornings are the best choice. I'm sure she will enjoy it

  2. What a lovely family. I hope all is well.

  3. I love that you said she loves to dress like a nerd :)
    Beautiful pictures!

    1. Thank you friend :). i love her growing personality so much.

  4. Your kids are absolutely adorable and you do such a great job capturing their beauty and sweetness in pictures.

  5. Oh I love your photos as usual. I cracked up at your daughter's "im so stylish" comment. Too cute.

  6. beautiful! Don''t you just love autumn light??

    1. I adore it. It's my favourite time of the year.


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