1 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: Highs and Lows

theodoraofosuhima 5Week  39 was eventful.

Monday after dropping AOI I had something telling me she wasn't going to be in preschool for long that day, I had tried earlier to let her take a nap but she didn’t; not even after driving all the way to the other end of the city.

The teacher phoned us one hour into the preschool two and half hours. I was already wearing my jacket so I grabbed my keys and was there in less than seven minutes. I found her crying in her teacher’s arms. I was so upset for her. To see her cry like that is heart-breaking. I comforted her as much as possible. I was glad baby TOI was sleeping because I won’t have cope with two crying in a hot room full of fifteen children I barely knew.

But my little girl stopped crying when she saw me but wanted to stay for snack with her friends. I agreed but soon after snack we were out of the room. I was so worried that maybe it was not a good idea to take her to preschool in the afternoon. She fell asleep five minutes into the journey back home.

Lately my little girl likes to come into our room in the middle of the night curls next to me and if there is no space near the edge of the bed she asks me to make space for her. We all wake up in our bed the following morning. With children’s toes in our faces. Or a toddler telling a baby to give her space because baby loves to see his sister first thing in the morning.

AOI is still enjoin going swim lesson because she can do more than the lesson of the day. The only thing she really needs to practice is making the bubble in water.

Wednesday AOI went back to preschool. Her daddy came too. When we walked into the room as she approached her teacher, I read in her walk I’m back sorry if I cried last time. She gave us a quick kiss goodbye, a big hug and I wanted to make her feel my love. The teacher suggested mornings and told us that there is a morning spot available, she was going to put us on priority list. 

Thursday we had an appointment with at the rehabilitation centre for AOI’s left hand. She is doing alright and there is nothing the doctor was concerned about.

Friday our little girl started going to preschool in the morning. This is a HUGE good change because toddler can have a nap after school and I can do some work and then spend quality time with her in this way once she back home. When she was at school little boy had a good morning nap. I believe he keeps himself awake because his sister is here and he wants to be part of the fun. He is such a curious little boy.

In the afternoon, after a good nap we went to see AOI’s her best friend, C. We were waiting for C in the park near her house and when she walked him she called AOI’s name and my daughter called out C’s name. They run toward each other but AOI jokingly ran past C. It was so funny, I wish I had a video of that moment, but I have a picture of i, so I’m happy to have captured the moment. They had nice time together. Basking in the late afternoon autumn sun and sharing cherry tomatoes in the garden of my friend are few of  our favourite simple things.


Saturday, I met with my writers’ group and I must say it’s wonderful to have our meeting season going again. During the summer we become zombies with our own writing.

On this particular get together we got talked about our upcoming workshop. We still can’t believe that we are offering workshops to other writers. All the tutors are well award winning bestselling authors. I mean, two years ago we were lost souls and now we talk like professionals.

After the meeting I went to shoot a family and I must say I had fun fun. I can’t believe how fun is to capture moments for other people. After lunch we went swimming and then I had another photo-shoot with another family.

Saturday was busy day but it was simply wonderful. I enjoyed each second of it. So happy!!! Feel so peaceful especially when I see Saskatchewan wonderful sunsets. It happened while on my way from my busy afternoon photo-shoot
It annoys me when people might think that I'm a woman of leisure. Just because I don't get financial reward from my creative outlets. But the way I see it is that I must give abundantly to receive abundantly in the future. Everything I do is to better my skills.

Sunday after church, lunch and nap we went to one of our local conservation area for a scenic walk. While baby TOI slept, toddler AOI enjoyed walking and observe nature closely. She talked as if she knew what she was talking about. She is quite sweet to listen to her talk about the plants and flowers as if she is a biologist.

We promised ourselves to go for another nature walk before the snow makes an appearance.

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  1. First off that backpack baby pic is eeevverryyytthhiiinngg!! So cute. Im glad u get such joy shooting others, I know everyone you work with is in love with what you capture for them. Lol at wakin up with toes in ur face. I secretly cant wait for those days when im awakened by lil body parts in a family bed.


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