25 Oct 2014

Our Everyday Life: Week 41 and 42

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3333Week 41

Monday toddler took her camera and said she is going take a photo of Mrs T., her preschool teacher. Once we got there she said she wasn’t going to. The simple things in life are really the best. Spending time with my children, as a family and with friends are what make me feel so blessed.

Tuesday 07-10 I asked AOI if she wanted to go the French playgroup or to do done clothes shopping. She opted for the French playgroup. She was excellent and she is getting good at saying some words. I can tell she's getting very interested in her second and third languages. She sometimes makes some invented speech that for her sounds like Italian. She responds in Italian as much as possible. “vuoi latte.” “si.” “vuoi fare dormire” “no, mamma.” And to her brother she repeats what I tell him a lot " non si tocca electrics" because baby wants to touch all the electrics and dangerous things in the house. Some other times she says "mi scappa la pipi mamma" if she has to go to the loo. She got this phrase from an Italian children’s song we listen to a lot. We went swimming in the afternoon and then went to jump in leaves at my friends house.

Wednesday 08-10 she told me "you're the best mother. You can sing you're my lollipop so well." This is her version of you're my sunshine. Other days she said "you're a nice mother because you like to share."

Friday was a long day. I never knew how important two and half hours are important to me as a person. Toddler was home from preschool due to Thanksgiving break. I had some photos to edit but I couldn't because I had be a mother more than a photographer. Baby didn't nap and neither did toddler. I was one tired mother by two thirty. I went for a drive to purchase a gift for AOI's friend birthday party. Baby fell asleep in the car so when we got back home with a crying toddler I took her in my arms to cuddle her and comfort her. She calmed down and I read her her current favourite book Anansi and the magic stick. She then saw a colouring book and started to cry because I didn't feel like standing up to give the book to her. She threw herself on the floor and that woke her brother. I was happy to get out of the house to go see our friends.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3250theodora ofosuhima 3382


Saturday the weather was lovely, lovely, the leaves were turning. We had a lovely late morning at our friends house to celebrate their daughter's third birthday. It was a low key birthday party. Fun and simple. Thanksgiving Sunday evening we had turkey/potluck dinner together with friendly people and good company. Going for walks on Sundays is becoming our family favourite pastime.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_3354theodora ofosuhima IMG_3329


Week 42theodora ofosuhima IMG_3393theodora ofosuhima IMG_3388theodora ofosuhima IMG_3404

Monday was Thankgiving. Hubby was home from work, we went to the lake. The rest of the week was full of getting the house organized. We then went to the late with some friends. Every spare time in the week was spent to complete a major photo editing I had going for weeks. It was such a big weight off my shoulders once was done and delivered.

Saturday was excellent. Spent wonderful time with my family. We went to the library for story time and stay there a little bit longer for AOI and TOI to play. Going out from there wasn't done without some tears just because toddler wanted to press the lift button. Then we went to our favourite local bookstore and I never wanted to leave, but we had to. So, I've decided to start buying more books because I don't want to leave Canada any time soon. In the early evening I went to do a photoshoot. I was so happy to think that I can take my family to work, because AMI came along with the kids. I spent some time with them in park and then while I was shooting the family AMI was at the nearby park with them. Sunday I found my little corner of Italy in Saskatchewan. All came about because I was looking for a pumpkin patch to take the kids. I'm going to become a member and in the future volunteer.
It was such a lovely warm day. We're enjoying a very long autumn here in Saskatchewan. AOI didn't nap and by the time we got home she was so tired it was hard for her to eat her dinner. By 6:30 she was fast asleep after a quick reading. She woke up around ten and started throwing up. She did two or three big throw ups. She had a high temperature. I was so worried but I gave a warm shower and clothed her light and cuddled her until she fell asleep again. She was back in her bed and slept well through the night.

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