7 Nov 2014

Halloween Party 2014

aoi week 44 halloween

Last Friday, 31st October, we went to our friends’ birthday party. It was a grand affair because their children were overly excited to be at an Halloween party and to do trick or treat afterward. AOI decided that she wanted to be her pink dragon. When daddy got back he decided that she should wear her fairy outfit grandmother sent her from Britain. So our creative give decided to wear the fairy costume onto of the dragon costume. She then told us she is “Queen Dragon.”

IMG_4311 halloween 2014

Throughout the week we were reading a book in which the character does trick or treat in his apartment bloc. For this reason one of the favourite pretend games AOI wanted us to do during the week was knocking on all doors that are in our living space to pretend doing trick or treat.

IMG_4253 halloween 2014

So we were prepared for trick or treat after we’ve done some in house party eating. We hit the houses in the neighbourhood and it was wonderful to see my daughter’s expression after she got her first candy. “Wow, mummy look, I got a candy!” Her surprise face was worth a picture but in that moment I put my camera on the side to give her a kiss on her forehead because that was most important to me. I was living a childhood moment through her. The children, all over three apart from AOI and her best friend CB whom are 35 month, walked the pavements to knock on houses followed by proud and happy parents. One of AOI’s best friends, LM, kept on saying “We’re not afraid of anything.” to which announcement the other kids will repeat. I’m sure they were so scared.

Won’t you be scared by this neighbourhood decoration?

IMG_4288 halloween 2014

IMG_4302 halloween 2014

IMG_4323 halloween

IMG_4332 halloween 2014


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  1. Happy Halloween, looks like it was such a fun time for AOI.


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