15 Nov 2014

Mr T.: 10/12

toi week 45

Happy 10th month sweetheart. You are such a handsome little baby, with those big brown eyes you steal hearts. You’ve stole all our hearts.

During your 9 month of birth one of your favourite activity was climbing the dishwasher, climbing the stairs all the way to the top floor and then smile when I ask you to come back down. 

Other favourite hobbies are touching everything you see around the house. Opening the cupboards and drawers. Unloading the toys from the shelves. You can get off the bed – you can get off by holding on tight to the sheets and rotating yourself legs first.

Oh, I love your grin. a pure delight and it lights my fire and I love you so much.

You have the best sister ever. I’m always the proudest mother to see her share or give you a toy. She is very caring and she always calling me urgently to come assist you if you are crying. She gives you kisses and you always appreciate that because you smile with your eyes closed and one tiny hand on her cheek.

theodora ofosuhima IMG_4754

You are stubborn sometimes, and this reminds me of myself and your sister too. Each month I can see that more and more. If you are upset and I want to give you something to make you happy, for example a toy, you will take the toy and throw it away with your eyes squinted as if you mean business. If you want something and I don’t give in, you scream.

Lately you’ve taken interest in opening books or just holding them. You don’t still long enough to browse a book but one afternoon I found you on the sofa next to sister as you both browsed a book. Then you started to play at throw the book on the floor and she would pick it up for you. 

You don’t mind going to the swimming pool but you don’t like to have a bath in the tub, you prefer sitting in the sink for a dip and splashing the water everywhere.

Just like your sister, you don’t see eye  to eye with the vacuum cleaner. When I vacuum the house, if you are awake, you scream and wave your arms in the air for me to pick you up. or hide behind my legs and peek at the vacuum. I can’t resist laughing and give you a kiss.

You still have seven teeth, in fact the last three caused you a high fever on week 46 of 2014. On the first day I held you tight to my chest to help the fever go away. The following day you were still having a fever so I bought Tylenol and that helped you during the day and the night to sleep better. The following morning you were better but your beautiful shiny eyes were sleepy throughout the day. The your skin started to break out, you had rash all over your skin. That Saturday I talked to one of my friends who had the same thing happen to her daughter, so she gave me capful of baby allergy water and over the weekend you were back to your old self, climbing and making lots of mess with toys from the containers. 


You’ve tried peanut butter soup and you weren’t allergic, but I haven’t tried egg yet, because your sister had a reaction when I gave her egg during her ninth month of birth.

You love going to playgroup, you follow the children when they’re running around. You’re friendly and don’t hit people, you still play the shy when you see and they’re give you smiles.

For Halloween we went to a party at our friends’ house. Your sister suggested we dress you as a tiger but you didn’t wear any costume because there was no point. Next year you will have so many children your age group dressing up and you will dress up too.

The weather has changed from warm to cold. But we go for walks whenever possible. That clears my mind, it helps you and your sister sleep. I would like bottle all these precious moments to be able to re-live them when I want. The only possible way is to write, take pictures, hold you and listen to music together with you.

I’m always telling you how much I you. I love your face when you open your big brown eyes and beam at me. That lights up my day, always.

All my love,


TOI in action

theodora ofosuhima toi crawlstheodora ofosuhima baby climbertheodora ofosuhima IMG_4713


  1. I can't get over how adorable he is! I want to smother his cheeks with kisses, but that would be weird and inappropriate of me. LOL I can't believe he's already almost a year old! I think all babies hate the vacuum cleaner!

  2. Your kids are so cute!!! I guess time flies when you are having fun.


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