24 Nov 2014

Our Everyday Life: The Birthday Week

IMG_5092 theodora ofosuhima birthday girl

Monday of week 47 started to snow again, but the snow was not willing to make this place look like a winter wonderland yet. Tuesday we celebrated the third year of our first born. Daddy stayed home a little bit late, we had chocolate croissants for breakfast and just enjoyed the moment.

IMG_4932 theodora ofosuhima birthday morning

IMG_4957 theodora ofosuhima frozen book

I believe she opened her gifts which all her family around the world had sent her. We bought her a trunki suitcase, she loves it. She appreciated all the gifts she received because she spent the rest of the day playing with them.

Wednesday we bought her a tray of cookies to take to her preschool to share with her classmates in honour of her birthday. The whole week was in a birthday mood.


The blizzard, that made the place turn into a winter wonderland began on Saturday morning. I was thinking about the worse case scenario regarding the invited people calling us to cancel their invitation. But nobody phones us. The birthday girls we healthy and we were really going to party.

For the birthday party me and my friend, whose daughter is just six days younger than AOI, organised a pool party at the Travelodge hotel in town. We invited about seven families in our hotel room where we hosted the party. I was so worried that we were going to be squashed in the room but everything turned out perfect. As soon as the children started to arrived they wanted to go in the swimming pool. They had a quick snack, jumped on the bed and we were all in the pool about twenty minutes into the party. We stayed in the water for more than one hour and then we set up the cupcakes on a table outside our room and sung happy birthday.

IMG_5039 theodora ofosuhima party decor

Everyone had a yummy cupcake. Then the birthday girls opened their gifts. 

IMG_5114 theodora ofosuhima gifts

We slept there and the girls had fun watching videos. Doing bedtime routine was hard because they were still giddy from all the wonderful party for them.

IMG_5163 theodora ofosuhima playing ghost

When they finally fell asleep AMI looked after them while my friend and I went to the bar in the hotel for a drink and a chat about life in general. I’ve known ever since our girls were ten months and we get along so well. We share the same philosophy about many things in life.

Sunday we didn’t go to church because we were so tired from the day before and also the snow was falling so nicely; the perfect weather to stay indoors.

IMG_5027 theodora ofosuhima children eating snowSiblings eating snow, the beauty of childhood

IMG_4970 theodora ofosuhima daughters loveSome moments are better captured than wasted because we are full of flaws

IMG_4995 theodora ofosuhima children loveSaying goodbye to daddy going to work. Toddler misses her daddy so much when he is at work

IMG_4979 theodora ofosuhima toiOut of focus but my subject is too cute to discard


  1. Your photos are gorgeous. You have a beautiful family. :-)

  2. A beautiful way to celebrate your daughter's birthday. She is a cutie! Happy birthday to her!!!


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